Great News from Korea

Hi All,

Great news from the Jeonju Inline Marathon in Korea.  Nicole Begg broke away once again and destroyed the field, she went on to win solo.  So that’s two wins in a row in Korea which is great for X-Tech and co-product members MPC and IS Frames.  It shows we really do have a top skate package.

Nicole sorted out the result early in the race by not letting it end in a sprint finish against the Worlds top finisher Colombian Cecilia Baena, the reigning World Cup Champion.

In the rainy conditions Nicole broke away after 3 km with Cecilia Baena from Powerslide.  Nicole then dropped Cecilia after 20 km and went on to win solo.  At the 2006 World Marathon Championships in Korea Cecilia won in the wet conditions and Nicole finished 2nd, so both are proven wet weather performers.  You can read Nicole’s report from the race on her Rollergirl blog, click here to view.

Photo – Tiger Kim

Also great news for the new X-Tech MPC star Peter Michael who ended up finishing 2nd.  He was up against a strong Powerslide team which consisted of Guyader, Dobbin, Arlidge and Nam.  Guyader broke away midway through the race and went on to win solo and Peter won the pack sprint to take 2nd place.  So great results for the X-Tech skaters in Korea & Moogon our Korean agent should have a big smile.


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