Who will front?

Some of the stars could be absent this year from the World Championships with a huge emphasis on the Asian Games which are being held in China.  Some of the governments have a very large influence within the sporting circles and the Asian Games seem to be on the top of their list.  It’s been reported that the strong Asian skating countries like Korea, Chinese Taipei and China will be sending their best skaters and peaking for this event.

Rumours are Korea will only send a junior team to Colombia for Worlds, which would mean that Nam and Sook would be missing. Worse still is that China after last years World’s will not send a team and Chinese Taipei is likely to be down on strength.

But a lot of interest lies in the X-teach MPC Chinese Taipei pair, Huang Yuting and Luo Weilin (silk).  2009 was a big year for the pair, both winning World Titles and gold medals at the World Games.  Coach Huang is likely to be tempted to go for the Double and have them just drop in for the track events, with Yuting and Weilin both track sprint specialists.

The Asian situation is just one of the many 2010 World Championship mysteries.  I guess we will find out when the skaters are called to the line in 19 days time.

Cheers                                                                                                                                                         Bill

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