MPC completely Dominating Matter Wheels

Hi All,

First off all officials & those head ones who specifically live in this wet & unpredictable weather zone, need to remember, the old saying, to make hay while the sun shines.

While its been on & off all day with rain, we have medal presentations for Juniors in between the senior 300 T/T, then the rain man strikes again, the Frenchman Nicolas Pelloquin the 3rd Qualifyer, is effected by a small slip on a rain effected track & with only Sebastian Arce & William Bowen the top two Qualifyers to run, plus a re run for Chilean Ricardo Verdugo, the heavens open & its called off till 9am the next morning, now thats only part of the story.


For a number of years the Matter wheels have performed up there at the top & with the company using skaters results for propaganda purposes. With a load of World stars on them, with usually new prototype wheels for the World Champs, what can only be termed as a disaster has struck.
The best Qualifyer was Andres Munoz one of the favourites in 8th, in the blue Ribben senior mens 300 meters Time Trial event.

World Superstar Joey Mantia only managed to Qualify 11th, while his teamate William Bowen Qualified number 1 half a sec quicker in a tightly packed field, where the many times winner Kalon Dobbin was only 13th & missed the cut.

NOW REPRIVE FOR MANTIA , after watching another Junior boys Elimination race & 9 of the last 10 were on MPC wheels & the other one an older brand of matter, there was a lot of talk, as to how disadvantaged the Matter stars felt. Mantia has changed to another Brand, knocked off .2 sec & so far in the re-run moved up 6 places, with another chance & another life, for sure he can attack the Big Muscled stuctural look alike Sebastian Arce & his teamate Bowen for the title.

Of the 9 in the re run Frenchman Gwendal Lepivert who Qualified 9th, was the fastest of the 9 to post a time last night. So interesting to see what today brings as 90% of the success is being found on MPC wheels.

Matter skaters were counting on the Anyong 2006 effect, where in the day MPC were superior on the track, but in the night with dew floating around the Matter were most effective, but not so in the dry Altitude air, plus 2006 was pre Road War days, but right now you can call them track wars also.

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