For the first time in the last 6 Worlds Nicole Begg X-TECH MPC star missed a medal in the 10,000 pts/Elimination track race Finishing 4th, in another race dominated by MPC wheels.


Ist off all the Colombian chief referee only had the points started on lap 36 instead of lap 46, this caused a lot of shuffling grabbing & fighting for 12 laps, which did not help her. When the race points started, thye experienced Kelly Martinez ( Nicoles former Bont team mate ) jumped in behind her like a black tracker & in two sprints seriously impeded her & cut her off, costing her valuable points & nearly ending up run into a center pole. Without the 3 times winner Hoo Woo Sook, the Colombians picked on Nicole as the favourite & Martinez covered her while the confident Rommy Munez picked up the points & lead the competition.
Nicole had to lead for the whole two laps to win 2 of the sprints & at the end come from a long way back to pick up a point for 3rd in the finish sprint, but alas only good enough for 4th.


After paying to much attention to Nicole, the Italians Di Eugeno & Laura Lardarni were running a well run race & clocking up the points, Rommy Munoz had plenty, but instead of the support from teamate Martinez, who was to busy covering Nicole, she did not get the help she needed. with the event going down to the final 10 after eliminations.
Munoz 11th & Martinez 12th were both eliminated, in a very poor & embarrassing result for the Colombians, as they had totally dominated the Junior Girls & Boys long Elimination event & won the Mens Points / Elimination, hopefully a lession has been learnt, to look to the full field instead of focusing on ruining ones chances.


Prior to the event I made a prediction to other coaches, that with the narrow track & only 5.5 meters width, plus the tricky road cource, plus the altitude factor. what I call the thereabout skaters 6th to 10th placegetters but never good enough to podium, would get there chances on the dias As the top skaters pushing each other would have accidents or run out of gas.
Well I was exactly right, while other attention was being pais to more fancied rivals Nachi Shinozuka Japan & Anniek Ter Haar Holland, went off the front & collected enough points for the silver & gold medal. These skaters have never ever beaten Nicole before & never likely to do so again, but it was the nature of the race, but its only the first race. It will only fire Nicole up, who at least as a consulation prize got the last laugh

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