PETER MICHAEL 3rd, with unbelievable last ditch effort

Peter Michael snatched a bronze medal in the mens 10,000 meter points/ Elimination race, in witch the Colombian Diego Rosero (Bont ) used MPC to dominate the event, in a near unbelievable manner, Belguim star Bart Swings MPC wheels was 2nd & Peter Michael N.Z. X-TECH MPC was 3rd.


Peter Michael was the designated worker for fellow N.Z. Skater & former world champ in the event Scott Arlidge, with N.Z. last in the Draw Peter had to start dead last in the around 50 skater field, so his Job was to tow up Powerslide Matter team mate Scott Arlidge, after having to move through the field to get up to Arlidge & use up a lot of gas Peter found that Arlidge on the purple Defcom wheels could not follow & struggling to hold the wheel in front of him.
Then after having spent a lot of energy,in trying to support Arlidge, he pulled the pin & withdrew, so with no teamate to help & more than half the race gone & all the contenders with plenty of points on the board, he was basically in a no win situation.


Pete had to chase & pick up the odd point, then about the last 8 or 10 laps he hit the front with Jorge Bolanos Ecudor challenging him, as he was leaving the big shots in his wake, with a couple of laps to go Swings Belguim, Francolini Italy & Rosero Colombia tried to catch & pass, but Peter was not relenting & was first accross the line in the final sprint. Hopefully he will be giving the set up roll in some of the other long races.
A great performance his sponsors can be proud off.

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