New Zealander & X-TECH MPC INTERNATIONAL TEAM STAR Peter Michael was the first accross the line at the end of the 10 km Points Elimination race, in a time of 14 minutes 36 .341 secs to break the Current World record time set by Bart Swings in Haining last year of 14 mins .41.425 sec, taking 5 secs off the old World record on MPC Road War firms & E-TECH IS Plates.


There is major controversy at present as apparently the gun was not connected directly to the Timming equipment, something significant when talking about hundreths of seconds, but not robbing a skater who beats the record by more than 5 sec.
Either it be due to Officials, organizational or ruling bodies incompetence to enforce regulations. We are not talking about hundreds of seconds. Its something that N.Z. need to protest very strongly about, as its the first time in the sport, that N.Z. has recorded a World record, which are only verified for World or Continental championships.


Two things stand out at present that Michael, does not have an International size or shape track in N.Z. to train on, but spent 2 weeks in Haining China, on last years WorldChampionship track to prepare.
Although Hopefully in the City of Timaru in the near future an International track of 200 meters requirements & 6 meter width, will be completed to replace the 4 decade old 166.66 meter track. There is a strong probability of World champs in 2015 when completed. The track is located on the beatifull Caroline Bay & 100 meters from the safe white sand beach, the home of the Begg family, who will also run a skating & Coachingaccademy in conjunction with the ISA, with a strong profile for the sport in the City & a strong following.


Speedskating for a decade has been a top performing New Zealand sport, but due to lack of International standard or Class facilities, most the top skaters have to live mostly overseas. Buy spending most there time & not in N.Z. We have now lost 5 of our top male skaters, who have partners or wives overseas.

The N.Z. media keep quoting Rowing & Cycling as our major International N.Z. performing sports, but a closer look would see we are very close to one & more successfull than another, in World Championshipmedal tallies

So its long overdue that N.Z. had a Facility up to International standard. The Timaru one is nearly there, but a North Island one is also a requirement, Countries like China , Korea & Colombia are now overtaking all other places in the World with International facilities & only Italy the original leading country for speedskating, is keeping up with the new recent developing countries

The second significant point was that Peter had to go after the points, when his teamate was suffering & had to come through at the very end picking them up in the last 4 sprints to gain 3rd place on points, but first accross the line on the final lap, gains the World Record time.

As a bi line for SPARC the N.Z. sports Funding agency counts Commonwealth Games performances for Funding,for sports involved, unfortunately skating is not.
N.Z. speed Skating, not to be confused with Ice, would currently win 95% of the Gold medals out of the Commonwealth countries & like their Asian Counterparts at Asian Games, considerable financial gains.

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