Nicole Begg has to be the most unfortunate at the championships, with N.Z. Team Coach Roy Dobbin commenting to me “That she cant take a trick” In the individual events, she has suffered from cheating & others crashing. being the only senior female from her country, it is a difficult assignment, without a team to lead you out, or block for you


While winning World Titles & medals is the goal, the overall World titles are a bonus & consulation prize. For the last 4 World senior championships, she has been track overall champ, with runner up in 2006, her first year at senior worlds, in 2006 & 2009 she also claimed the overall world road titles, to really stamp her mark as amongst the most versitile skater in the world.
Overall is taken on your best 3 reults on points, while specialists do not usually get 3 events in, but have the advantage of other strong specialists, to help set them up for medals. Lasy Year Superstar Joey Mantia won the mens & this year the Irrepressible young Belguim Bart Swings the mens.


It was a real muck up at the end, with Disqualified Dutch skater Elma De Vries failing to leave the track, this altered the entire complexion of the race. As they got down to the last 5, Elma a Winter Olympian & famous Marathon long Track Ice skater, jumped into the front & gave the two Colombians a lovely un impeded lead out. THis was a gift from god for them, as to control the front with two laps to go, with Italian Lardarni & Begg on them, they would of had to sacrifice ones chances, instead of finishing one two, Mendez & Vivas, with Lardarni holding out Nicole by half a wheel to grab 3rd.


Nicole went into this event confident, but with Colombia, Italy, Argentina & Germany fieling a strong pair of skaters.
The Argentina skater with a good draw collected plenty of early points, while Nicole had to work hard from a back draw to get into contention, then went from the front to take two sprints & a second to be in 4th on 5 pts mid way through, then with about 3,000 meters to go & moving through for another attack for points, there was a bad crash in front of her. Nicole managed to leap over the skater, but another grabbed hold of her to steady herself & she was dragged back to the ground on her Butt. Initially it was very difficult to stand up & her race was finished.
It was very unfortunate as Nicole was focusing on a strong run home, with early points in the Bank, the German Thum blew up badly & had 3 more points, which Nicole was most likely to have collected & placed 3rd at least, with second was not out of range also, but once again the strong Colombian team won with Vivas winning.

There was some consulation for the N.Z. team, as Scott Arlidge in a very gritty do or die effort over the last 4 laps came from no points to collect 3rd, in a race won by Belguim star Bart Swings on MPC, XTECH Peter Michael with the last draw, had to chase from the back in a very hard & fast race in the wet & could not even make it up to teamate Arlidge to support him.
The nature of the road circuit when the pace is on was very restrictive & when wet passing was most difficult.


In the 2007 Colombian worlds in Cali, the non designated winner amongst the Colombian skaters, got behind a press motorbike & a tow to the finish, which caused a lot of friction in the Colombian camp, Nicole Begg after chasing them all the race ended up third. So hopefully she gets a good run in the event.

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