World Marathons

Once again Nicole Begg found herself a marked person covered by the strong Colombian team of 8. What was more dissapointing was that in a number of breaks and attacks Nicole instigated, skaters with her were not prepared to come through and take leads to keep the break going. So at the end with 8 Colombians left and no real strong team to counter them, it was common knowledge what the outcome would be.

Italian Di Eugeno / Nicole were on Bridgette Mendez / she just put the brakes on on the final hill, with Mendez 17th / Di Eugeno 21st, Nicole Salvaging a 9th placing in a cheat fest Finish, with defending Champion Sabine Berg 19th.

With the strong Asian Nation women missing, it was a nightmare championships, losing two medals through cheating / 1 through a bad crash over other fallen skaters.two 4ths and one by only half a wheel were little consolation in the individual titles.

But some consolation on the Final function when for the 4th year in a row she has gained the overall world track title, with the overall World road titles in 2006 and 2009 also, but in 2010 was the victim of circumstances / suffered severly with the absence of the Korean skaters, who would apply the pace and take some of the attention / focus off her

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