There were a number of tactors this year, that will not be re occurring in the future & a more even playing field will result, I am doing a complete annalisis as to just how such a thing can happen.

Colombia 32 Gold, the rest of the World Combined 16 Gold.

Colombia 32 gold the USA 4 gold 8 x as many.

Not since 1982 in Finale Emilia Italy, has there been such a home fest when Italy won 18 of the 20 World titles & went 1,2,3 in 11 of them & only the great Bobby Kaiser 20,000 & Sandy Delany 500 from memory prevented a clean sweep.

But we know what happened then, Italy had a great team who had been beating everyone everywhere for a long time Cruciani, De Persio etc.

BUT THEY CHEATED They were the only real speed wheel manufacturers in there Time, they made special wheels for the specific new courses, that were not available or not sold to anyone else, till the last race had finished, the rest of the World had to make do with basically Junk wheels compared to the Italians.

Everyone in the World of speedskating knows the strong stance I have about cheating, Drugs, Unscrupulous coaches getting skaters to take opposition out of races & foull them, even become horriffic since earphones & highlighted in Gaurne, I have coached 5 nations & I never ever gave out them instuctions, or advised any skater to take Juice, at least skaters I coached will live a long & healthy life.

Well after the last race at the 1989 World road champs in 1975 World road Champs in Italy, Yes Track was held in Argentina in May & half rained out, then road was held in Italy in September, Prior to the champs, you could not buy a Boen Grip wheel for love or money, a guy come to our enclosure trying to sell me some after the last race, I tipped his bag up all over the ground. Apart from one or two priviliged skaters, at least today wheels are available & Colombia did not have better wheels than other countries, so we can write that off as a reason.

They do have very good pre race warm up routines which a trainer takes & many could learn from, they had good comradreship, which has always been apparent when Elias De Valle has coached them, they do train & race at a very high level regularly, in a Country where speed skating is revered, these factors could well account for half the golds at a home championship, where Euphoria & crowd support run Rife & Adrenalin Sky high.

But having been Coach of Colombia, when they won there 1st ever 3 gold medals in 1990 & also 1991 Worlds, as well as Colombian Coach for the 1991 & 1995 Pan American Games, I know the Country very well & have many long term friends.

Then I was coach of Team Bont Pro team & Colombian stars such as Cecelia Baena, Kelly Martinez & Alexandra Vivas, plus in 2008 we had Half of Colombias top skaters & a number of other top Venezuelen, Colombian, Eucuador (Jorge Bolanos ) & Argentinian skaters living & training in Weinfelden, plus Elias & Jairo two of the Bogota coaches.

Its a pity some of my past aquaintances & former friends, cant look at me straight in the eye nowdays & others Hug me & talk about what they dont like.

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