Hi All,
Our Wheel partner MPC for which XTECH are the asian agents for were the wheel of choice at the World championships as Road War Firms & Extra firms were totally dominant.
When high profile skaters were ditching there sponsors wheels for MPC, it shoes they were clearly superior to all others. Everyone with a watch knew the story with Mega stars Andres Munoz Colombia & Joey Mantia changing from Matter in an effort to make the podium in the T/T.

The MPC Road Wars were also dominant at the Asian Games, where they took out most titles.
It is interesting that Chemist Dr. Chang is well advanced on working on new formula’s for 2011, while on top its important to stay ahead of the field, as MPC are the best wheels on Bank track & road at present.

Picture below of Merthane (MPC)  owner Kevin Redmond at Haining International festival

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