Skatings Characters ( 1 ) John Fry England

One of the best skaters never to be crowned World Champion! John Fry the Birmingham master blaster was an English legend, but his problem was he focused 100% on betting the World legend. This obsession no doubt cost him being World champion.

He became totally obsessed with beating Guiseppe Canteralla in the sprints, the 500 meter time trial & 1,000 meter 2 men sprints, while he was good enough to win the longer races & could get 2nd over the 20,000 road at the world champs, as well as 2nd in the sprints.

But in them days Pipo to his friends or the black Panther from Siracusa Italy was THE MAN. as far as speed was concerned. FRy like Canteralla myself & others was effected with no World champs from 1970 to 1974 Inclusive.

Fry always a candidate for a bit of horseplay was one of 4 ungentlemanly English skaters, who did not appreciate being giving the Kiwi lift treatment in Argentina in 1975. The Kiwi skaters were trapped between floors, while some unsavory urinating took place. The downside was that the hotel manager accused me of throwing water bombs in the lift. So for 4 Kiwi Skaters the memory of Fry & his 3 cohorts wilol live forever.

John Fry Inside right in White, World champs Masterton N.Z. the great Guiseppe Depersio Beside him, Bondy the Aussie Shark behind him in green.

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