Bigger skaters pursuit on Bank track younger ones center.

Here are some ideas on how to promote clubs & build skating numbers the South Canterbury club has gone from an old 166.66 meter track with a worn surface & 15 members two years ago, to a flourishing club with 180 members & 40 speed skaters.

If something is happening things start to happen, already the campaign to get a new 200 meters bank track to international specifications is well advanced with over half the money towards the required $480,000 already raised & a likely March start.

The famous Ron Barrassi talked that people could all fit into 3 categories , those that WATCH it happen, those who say WHAT happened & those “WHO MAKE IT HAPPEN”. these are the people we need to find in skating, fortunately our club has had a major influx of these type people, with Nicoles Media & public duty profile & the hard work by Cheryl, to help & develope other coaches & support.

One of the most usefull tools is the my Montage Internet Musical clips, where skaters & helpers can see themselves & others the club activities.

After a Busy few days Cheryl Begg has just updated the site with the 4 latest montage items being

Timaru Christmas parade 4th december ( The club was awarded 3rd place out of the Xmas parade floats & the next 2 fridays will be at country bcenters Geraldine & Pleasant Point.)

Speed Training 2nd December ( Timaru Bank track, with the mostly Junior skaters training )

Pot Luck club night Dinner skate 3rd December ( Club night is every friday & family orientated where members usually have a BBQ meal & skate $70 per family club membership for the
year & free skating on friday nights )
Opening Ceremony Masters Games Timaru ( A community effort by young skaters carrying banners to open the event )

This gives an idea of how to promote & develope your club & also keeping a high public profile, by partaking in outside events.

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