Photo shows X-TECH skaters Peter Michael International & Antony Nalder X-TECH WHEELZ N.Z. in 3rd & 5th place in the “Speed King Tour” last weekend in upper Hutt. Michael won from Nalder & the two X-TECH skaters will be favourites for the Tour of Timaru. (Kim Hurst Photo)

TOUR OF TIMARU,  18th to 23rd January. 12 stages, with final stage the N.Z. Marathon Championships, with wost performance dropped for overall.Features


$1,500 prize money for marathon N.Z. champs doubling for 12th stage of tour.

Almost $1,000 going into childrens grades plus prizes.

Over $600 in grade bonuses for Juniors & masters in A Grade Tour of Timaru.

Overall into A Grade Ladies & Mens $3,000

Spot Prizes.

Special awards.

Every competitor wins something.

Gooddy Bag for all competitors.

There will be both an A Grade Mens & A Grade womens events. 6 sprint & 6 Distance races, plus B, C & D grades, 5 different divisions.

The Overall prize money will go down to 10th placing in the mens & womens, where top Juniors will also compete.

Apart from overall placings there is Bonuses for the 1st 6 placed Juniors (under 15) in the A grade 1st $60, 2nd $50, 3rd $40, 4th $30, 5th $20 & 6th $10,

1st 3 placed masters 1st $50, 2nd $30 & 3rd $20.

Its a Tour where the money & prizes are spread around to a large number of people, some individual stages will have prizes, for instance the N.Z. National Marathon champs, which we will include as the final stage. Also some suprise spot prizes & special awards.

Stage 12 New Zealand Marathon Champs Bonus prizes from Tour of Timaru organizors, for male & female groups.

N.Z. FED Age Group for marathon Senior 1st $100, 2nd $75, 3rd $50 , 4th $40, 5th $30, 6th $20, 7th $15, 8th $10

Junior 1st $60, 2nd $50, 3rd $40, 4th $30, 5th $25, 6th 20, 7th 15, 8th $10

Masters 1st $ 60, 2nd, $50, 3rd $40, 4th $30, 5th $20

OVERALL A GRADE Mens & Womens 1st $400, 2nd $250, 3rd 150, 4th $100, 5th $75, 6th $50, 7th $40, 8th $30, 9th $25, 10th $20.+ $10 extra finishers

B Grade Overall $100, $80, $60, $50, $40, $30, $25, $20, $15, $12. + extra Finishers $10 each

C Grade Overall $50, $40, $30, $25, $20, $15, $14, $13, $12, $11.+ extra Finishers $10 each.

d Grade Overall $20, $19, $18, $17, $16, $15,$14, $13, $12, $11, + extra Finishers $10 each

There will be goodie bags issued to all entrants.

Billets are available for those who require them.

Overseas or Inter Island competitors we can organize pick up & drop off at Christchurch airport.

The races on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, will not start prior to 6pm, with A grade not before 7 pm & C & D grade finished by 7 pm. with a sprint & long distance race each evening, this leaves the day time free, for the beach or Tourism, or relaxing & recovering.

On Saturday at Wiamate there will be 3 races starting at 10 am finishing around 1pm, with a BBQ lunch to follow. The early finish will allow  plenty of recovery for Sundays New Zealand Marathon Championships, which will start at the levels raceway, after the completion of the big car racing meet.at aproximately 5pm.

Saturday evening the 23rd 7pm to 9pm & Sunday Morning  9am to 11 am will be an International Coaching Seminar, conducted by Bill Begg, with the main focus on “Conditioning the minds of Potential Champions”,  Plus the other Key Topic on Technique, there will be a $20 charge for the seminar payable at time.

By finishing at 11am this will allow any petrol heads to get to levels early & go to the car racing, if they wish to pay for entry, otherwise those going for the marathon, will probably have access around 4 pm.

While we intend to have the stages at various venues, there could be some alterations, as the possibility of a TV programme showing interest, with the the South Canterbury club Growth, new Bank track project & the Tour all going on. So there could be a change to accomodate the tv from original venue if required.

Stages & Distances to fllow next post soon.

Bill Begg

Race  events for Tour of Timaru. 

A Grade Mens & Womens events same distances.

Tueasday 18th Rink 6 pm

Stage 1

D Grade 1 lap T/T
C Grade 1 lap T/T
B Grade 300T/T
A Grade Ladies 300 T/T
A Grade Mens 300 T/T

Stage 2

D Grade 2 laps Bank track
C Grade 500 meters
B Grade 1,500 meters
A Grade Ladies 5,000 meters
A Grade mens 5,000 meters

Wednesday 19th Rink 6 pm

Stage 3

D Grade 200 meters
C Grade 2 laps Bank Track
B Grade 500 Meters
A Grade Ladies 500 meters
A Grade Men 500 meters

Stage 4

D Grade 3 laps Bank track
C Grade 1,000 Points race
B Grade 3,000 Points race
A Grade Ladies 10,000 Points race
A Grade Men 10,000 Points race.

Thursday the 20th Rink  6 pm  ( Note the steeplechase Stage 6, could move to a city  carepark, yet to be confirmed )

Stage 5

D Grade 1 Lap 2 person Pusuit Qualifying
C Grade 2 laps  2 person Pusuit Qualifying
B Grade  3 laps 500 meters 2 person Pursuit Qualifying
A Grade Ladies 6 laps 1,000 meters Pursuit 2 Person Qualifying.
A Grade Men 6 laps 1,000 meters Pursuit 2 Person Qualifying.

Stage 6

D Grade 500 meters Steeplechase ( No Jumps )
C Grade 1,000 meters Steeplechase ( No Jumps )
B Grade 1,500 meters Steeplechase
A Grade Ladies 3,000 meters Steeplechase.
A Grade Men 3,000 meters Steeplechase

Friday the 21st Rink 6 pm.

Stage 7

D Grade 1 Lap Race Bank track.
C Grade 1 Lap Race Bank Track
B Grade 1,000 meters
A Grade ladies 1,000 meters
A Grade men 1,000 meters

Stage 8

D Grade 1,000 meters
C Grade 3,000 meters
B Grade 5,000 Meters
A Grade Ladies 12,000 Meters
A Grade Mens 12,000 meters

Saturday 22nd Waimate Cycle Track Victoria Park

Stage 9

D Grade  Flying 200 meters T/T (1/2 Lap)
C Grade  Flying 200 meters T/T
B Grade  Flying 400 meters T/T ( 1 lap)
A Grade Ladies Flying 400 meters T/T
A Grade Men Flying 400 meters T/T

Stage 10

D Grade 400 meters
C Grade 400 meters
B Grade 800 meters
A Grade Ladies 800 meters
A Grade men 800 meters.

Stage 11

D Grade 800 meters
C Grade 2,000 meters
B Grade 4,000 meters
A Grade ladies 8,000 meters
A Grade Mens 8,000 meters.

Sunday 23rd Levels car raceway  Approx 5 pm after car race meet track clearance.

Stage 12

A Grade N.Z. Marathon Champs

Note that only for the A grade will the marathon points be awarded for the Tour, as other grades competitors could be mixed in different grades.

* Note stage 5 1,000 2 person Pursuit, everyone does Qualifying time 2 per track at a time 1 either side, after the qualification times 1 v 8, 2 v 7, 3 v 6, 4 v 5 then 1st heat winner v 4th
heat winner, 2nd heat winner V 3rd Heat winner in Semi Finals & winners run off for 1st & 2nd & losers run off for 3rd & 4th. in prior rounds in final 8, the  Quater final losersw will run off the same as the winner to categorize 5th to 8 th position. Those not in top 8 will be categorized by their qualifying time.

Points System for deciding Overall Grade winners

1st   20 pts
2nd  16 pts
3rd   13 pts
4th   11 pts
5th     9 pts
6th     7 pts
7th     5 pts
8th     3 pts
9th     2 pts
10th   1 pt,

The Worst performance ( 1 ) or non start or finish of the 12 stages, will not be counted in the overall for the A Grade Men & Women. & worst performance out of the 11 stages in B, C & E grade will not count.


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