Well it only scratches the surface & the Hemocrit level tests from the trials is alleged to have been docted up & all the readings 4 to 5 less than what was normal & done by individuals prior to the Trials & afterwards, with the trial tests well under what was normal. As a couple of years earlier when the 17 were caught, some of the good skaters could not carry on & do the selection trials & this lead to Andres Munoz for one missing the team.

Guarne 2010: Colombia brilló en su casa y recuperó la corona.
03.NOV.2010: El equipo anfitrión se lució ante su gente y no tuvo rivales en Guarne 2010 donde con 32 medallas doradas marcó un nuevo récord para la especialidad.

Colombia is very good but when they win twice as many World titles as the rest of the world put together, ask yourself. Yes they had an Anti Joey Circuit, Altitude & deliberately eliminated some of there threats, but a lot of us very knowlegeable & experienced sports Science qualified coaches know some things do not add up. But it also fueled from within as Colombian people are telling us about an alleged smart doctor in Cali . Coaches are telling us they have 15 year olds comming to them asking for the same stuff the others are on.

One Colombian told my daughter that if they had blood tests, she would have had some medals waiting for her when she got home, it appears he could get a few more himself.

The cheating on & off the track costs other skaters & countries there government funding & lots of repercussions.

Lets hope the B samples do not get smashed this time.

Spanish to English translation
Members of the national youth team that won the world title, involved in doping case.

The young skaters Jenny Paola Serrano, Nicolás Pérez Bermúdez and Anhlly tested positive for the stimulant Methylhexanamine, said Jorge Carrasco, president of the Disciplinary Commission of the Colombian Federation of Skating, this revealed an initial urine test performed during World Last October, in Guarne (Antioquia).

ELTIEMPO.COM also confirmed the names of sources of discipline Federation (FIRS)

Pending the outcome of the counter sample, so that the disciplinary committee of the Colombian Federation of Skating determining the sentence of three skaters, who are entitled to their defense in the process, and that the time for the next 30 days must be removed from any international competition.

Serrano won gold medals in 5,000 m relay testing, removing 20,000 m, 3,000 m and 15,000 m relay phase, in addition to silver medals in the 1,000 m and the marathon, while Bermudez won gold in the 500 m silver in the 300 m. and Perez won the 500 m.

Confirmed the results of the second samples of athletes, which will return to next analyzed from Tuesday 21 December at the Doping Control Laboratory of Coldeportes, these are subject to a penalty of two years beyond competition international as well as the removal of metals achieved.

“It’s something we will propose an urgent basis to the Federation, as boys to be told what drugs are included among the prohibited substances not to take them into account. Sometimes innocent fall,” said Marcelo Bermudez ., father of Nicholas, one of those involved.

For its part, the Colombian Federation of Skating, with its Vice President Jorge Roldán, said “the situation is being investigated and that everything was in the hands of the Disciplinary Committee.”

‘It is not known whether the substance was prescribed before’:
Juan Gregorio Mojica, skating team doctor.

The doctor said that most of the group was monitored three times.

Mojica told El Tiempo that it was only Colombian team doctor during the World Guarne and no evidence of any abnormalities during that time.

“The rest of the time I’m with the boys. You try to control everything, but it is unknown whether this substance through which the three skaters were positive for the drug test was required before by someone,” said Mojica.

“The selected skaters were checked three times, but Serrano told me that he had made nine tests,” he told the doctor.

Mojica said the commission will establish why they introduced the positive in every case, “and stated that” there is much influence on athletes outsiders “for the consumption of prohibited drugs.

Bermudez gave two methylhexanamine trace and further examination shows signs of nandrolone, while Serrano, who is his girlfriend, tested positive three times in the World Cup.

Well having a quick look through the world results, some big Junior changes, it looks like, Benjamin from France, Rumpus from Germany, Korea Junior track relay, USA Junior Girls track & Korea Junior Girls Road, yes 5 World titles less to Colombia, 2 of the golds stayed with Colombia, but there will be that many medal changes, that it may take to next years worlds to get the medals off the cheaters & to the rightfull owners

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