Colombian Skaters Positive 2

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Colombian coach thinks team behind the World Cup if there are third parties.

Elias del Valle, Colombia coach of the past champion Skating World Cup held in Guarne (Antioquia) talked to TIME about what happened with the three young skaters, Yenny Paola Serrano, Nicolás Pérez Bermúdez and Anhlly, positive in an initial examination by Methylhexanamine, precisely in the tournament that was held last October.

Elías del Valle cree en manos oscuras en positivo de patinadores

Elías del Valle cree en manos oscuras en positivo de patinadores

Elías del Valle, técnico de Colombia.

Foto: Archivo/ EL TIEMPO

Are you worried about what happened?
I think we should wait a bit to go countersamples. This is a first result, that little fortune left side, but you have to give it time.

Does it cause discomfort just when you resume the coaching of Colombia Team presented these cases?
In my 25 years of coaching, is the first time that I have a similar situation. But conscience is clear because I know the work you do is serious. This issue may be caused by many things: it may be a result of eating food that has the substance, which was taken the wrong hands or dark show me how I did want to muddy and the first time around, because the power in Colombia is above this server.

Hand on heart, do you believe one hundred percent in the innocence of their run?
It’s hard, very hard to believe that the boys were able to get some time to take some kind of substance. I talked a long time to Paola (Serrano) and she is suffering greatly, he says he is not guilty, that the substance did not take it.

How do you explain that Yenny, the three came out positive controls, and Nicholas, in addition to Methylhexanamine, also showed traces of Nandrolone?
I have to sit down to discuss with the athlete who may have ingested. They have their loads coaches working with each other, and outside things can happen at any time. Chances are it could have have done, as well as not. This somewhat obscures the work that was done in Guarne this year. I felt that behind all this there is a lot of envy, resentment there are some situations in front of the skating itself, and there are people that hurts the sport in their statements, something that is very sad, because as the saying goes’ Colombian eats Colombian ‘.

The situation, obviously is of concern, but they are three young athletes, what is more …
In sport there is much ignorance of science that governs the activities. They, like I said earlier, may have eaten something that has been made to produce this substance, which until this year entered the prohibited list of entities responsible for that.

Andres Botero B.
TIME Editor

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Spanish to English translation

Press release President of the Pan American Skating. 

The President of the Pan American Skating, worldwide vice president and former president of the Colombian Federation of Skating, Engineer Carlos Orlando Ferreira, expressed his uneasiness at the current doping scandal three members of the Colombian skating junior team, which last October held back the world title in this discipline in Guarne – Antioquia.

“I deeply regret the fact that tarnishes the excellent results achieved by our boys who have brought so much glory to our country in the world past 2010, but I hope to show in their results indicate the opposite,” said the engineer Carlos Orlando Ferreira , President of the Pan American Skating.

For the worldwide vice president of Skating, the engineer Ferreira, very worrying that a sport like figure skating, where its main objective is that young people who invest all their energies engaged in the practice, now highlight the wealth of doping.

Other cases have also been seen, like the Colombian athlete Jercy Puello, who was also in the public eye in recent days for failing a doping test at first instance.

And the scandal that in 2007 Mr. Carlos Orlando Ferreira, then as president of the Colombian Federation of Skating, had to face when this entity vetoed to 16 athletes, including three world champions, who were preparing to intervene in targeted skills to the global order under Cali in the same year, after presenting hematocrit levels above 50 percent.

It is regrettable therefore that previous experiences keep repeating it more frequently. It is possible that children who practice skating will be involved in these cases, when the primary purpose of sport is moving them from snuff, drugs and alcohol.

“It is, above, that the International Skating Federation must take a series of strong and radical action is found doping cases, to counter this new trend that has been presented,” said the engineer Ferreira, president of the American Federation of Roller Sports.

Also, there should be a thorough investigation by the National Coldeportes which should engage the medical, technical, leaders and parents of skaters, not to further damage the good name of Colombia and is skating in question the past success of our own, because this could bring a loss of support from private enterprise to skating.

In addition to the public must know the people responsible behind all these events, which not only do evil to the country, but the young skaters.

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