Lommers Dutch Drug Case

It was alleged that the Drug test results said that the youngster had 35 times the illegal ammount of a banned stimulent in his system, Wesley & Dominique lommers were both very good Inline & Ice skaters, but the KNSB & Drug Authorities, who control Ice testing, were remiss in the procedures, for one that the Athlete was probably to young.

The Dutch Judge at the latest hearing ruled in Lommers favour on Technicalities & there is likely to be a very big payout.

For those who can not read Dutch or understand Dutch, these are follow up comments from the Dutch TV review. I think those who understand the situation can relate to the comments from 3 people below.

We all know they took the Juice, is just the Federation or the Drug testing people were remiss & make no mistake about it Edwin Lommers is a smart guy & wii research everything & does not give up & the court has ruled in his favour against some mighty powers, similar to David Verse Goliath, 10 mins on TV & for sure if someone dies young probably a movie.

Mario, December 23 6:41 p.m.: If there is law in the Netherlands than it is high time that Wesley Lommers life suspended.
This 17 year old boy has used so many drugs that you noticed this during the shoot.
Watching appearance and behavior say enough!

* Skater, December 23 7:50 p.m.: @ reader, The doping test was positive because you can not ignore, the error was that the test could not be performed. that does not mean that he did not dope.
He has enough talent, just a lot of power! This will by doping

* Reader, December 23 7:58 p.m.: The fact remains that doping is found. Wesley and also does not go to school, to home father loves.
They were the behavior of his father were watching. Dominique Wesley and his children who have nothing to say, their youth is so messed up!

This man has attacked those who want clean sport & I have suffered his riducule many times, so this is my take.

We acknowledge your victory, no need to waste your time on us paupers, start checking your Island holiday on the Internet, So you can spend your new found wealth. Which is probably going to  rob money from the child development programmes. If the Childrens rights or some such group pursues you perhaps Alcatraz Island, or otherwise the Caribean perhaps, San Andres is a Colombian governed Island, so might be good for you.

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