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Councilman Bogotá – Radical Change Party

Leader Sports – Skating President Pan American Confederation


To know the truth. Unfortunately, the glory of sport that has given Colombia, speed skating, is going through a bad time. Is in the eye of the hurricane because of the current doping scandal involving three members of the youth team of Colombian Skating Team, blurring the ultimate triumph achieved, at home last October, Guarne (Antioquia).

This is a very serious and embarrassing fact which can not remain unpunished, because of what we are talking about is three innocent children with no knowledge of medicine. We talked about three guys who have the enthusiasm to continue their sporting careers, they have already got gold medals, which are world champions in this discipline and little by little are fulfilling their dreams.

I, as a former president of the Colombian Federation of Skating for 15 years, where I managed to bring Colombia to the top of the podium seven times, I feel the public should know the real perpetrators of this unfortunate event. You should not continue to damage the good name of Colombia skating. Also, can not be called into question the past success of our own, because it could bring several consequences, including loss of support from private enterprise to skating and in the sport, could be given veto powers for participation in as Pan American, Central American and the world.

That is why I strongly encouraged people or parents with information about what happened. Must disclose to the Disciplinary Committee and Coldeportes Skating National to be those institutions who take a thorough investigation and take necessary measures to eradicate this ‘new trend’ that not only do evil to the country, but young people skaters.

In addition to reinforcing the fight against doping and to comply with the Code of the World. I request the competent bodies that once the culmination of the research and have found those responsible, impose appropriate sanctions on the grounds the action of supplying banned substances as an anti-doping rule violation (Law from 1207 to 1208). A situation which marks a precedent for athletes, members of the technical, medical and leaders refrain from using banned substances.

In cases like this we must think in the near future and to criminalize the provision of doping substances, such as European countries have done. Extend the invitation to Colombia, in short, time learn the truth.

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Marcello Bresin and Santa Ana Community Action like this.
Constanza Patiño Forero must defend the guys, well
Yesterday at 9:02 am · LikeUnlike
Alejandro Valencia What a shame that a sport that has given so much glory to the country this past this and more with young children! Very loud, I wish to find guilty of this “sportswear” before it is too late. Interesting note.
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