BURKEY as he was known is still revered & remembered for many things, was recently stabbed several times in a dispute, but is O/K & back on skates training. You cant keep a good guy down & his attacker is behind bars.

Burkey very short in stature was involved in numerous titanic battles with his South Australian team mate John Zivanovich, who could be described as a long tall streak.
Their passion to beat each other was so great, that you would think each had a contract out on the other.

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As the Australian World team Coach in 1979 in Italy Team Manager Con Galtos & me had a big problem with Burkey, who refused to eat Italian food. Stuck on top of a mountain in lake Como with no options, he would only have his potato chips & Coca Cola.

Many remember the Solid & Muscular relay Team mate John Rondello ( Wind it up Rondo ) launching Burkey into orbit, on the 80 meter Bankstown Bank Track at an International Meet, many saw the whites of Burkey’s eyes, as he nearly became Aussies first austranout to the moon.

Burkey Now on Inlines & racing masters.

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He was remembered for an incident with a marriage break up, where its alleged his medals dissappeared & a Hudora skate was supposidly burried in the back garden.
Rumour has it that two people who knew them well hired a very powerfull metal dectector & went over the entire property, but never found the allegedly burried skate, or medals

The mystery & legend has lived on for ever in a real life drama, like a who done it series & the case legendary in South Australia.

Well part of the story unfolded & from Europe possibly from Germany the home of Hudora, I received a Photo, just entitled ” This is it!” to further add to the mystery.

At time some considered Burkey as a legend in his own mind & called  him old man, but he has outlived & outskated almost all of them & today is still very much a real loife legend.

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