BEGG & MICHAEL take out stage 2 – 5,000 meters races.

Peter Michael X-TECH MPC had to fight hard to beat off a Genuine Challenge from Ollie Jones in the mens 5,000, Jones N.Z. most promising Junior has no respect for reputations & took the Challenge up to Peter, with a strong Finishing Mark MacDonald X-TECH WHEELZ N.Z. 3rd. with Antony Nalder 4th.

Nicole Begg X-TECH MPC International was with the field till about 5 laps to go & a very decisive attack saw her rapidly put a comfortable gap over the field.In a close Tussle X-TECH WHEELZ NZ skater Samantha Michael Palmerston North fought off Stephanie Challis Upper Hutt for 2nd place, Challis who is very fit & aggressive, is not afraid of windburn or allergic to leading & made it a very honest race, the group dropped quickly to 6 with only Renee Nyman, Tegan Roffe & Emily Van den Heyden keeping up with the pace, till Nicole, put in the decisive burner.


Peter Michael
Ollie Jones
Mark MacDonald
Antony Nalder
Josh Whyte
Dale Christopherson
Michele Emele
Brett McCormack
Wayne Begg
Matt Cooper


Nicole Begg
Samantha Michael
Stefanie Challis
Reneee Nyman
Tegan Roffe
Emily Van den Heyden
Livia Meier
Rebecca Smith
Salome Bader
Juda Kelly

Some great races in the B, C, D & E Grades.with some very close results.

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