X-TECH DOMINATE Opening Stages Tour Of Timaru

Well last night may have dissappointing with the weather, but the crowd got more than there moneys worth when the delayed events from last night, got underway today.

There was excitement galore in the young childrens B, C, D & E grade events whigh ignited the spectators, but more was to come in the senior events, with E-TECH Big International stars Nicole Begg & Peter Michael completely upstaging the others in the 2 lap 333.22 meters T/T. In the last racing on the 40 year old bitumen & earthquake effected track, prior to it being replaced with a new 200 meter track built to International specifications.

A Grade Men 333.32 meters

30.681 Peter Michael Palm.North X-TECH MPC Internationa
31.429 Antony Nalder Upper Hutt X-TECH Wheelz N.Z.
31.692 Dale Christopherson Nelson.
31.015 Wayne Begg Timaru X-TECH Wheelz N.Z.
32.154 Ollie Jones Upper Hutt,
32.615 Josh Whyte Kapiti
33.843 Michael Emele Germany
34.190 Mark MacDonald Christcurch X-TECH WHEELZ N.Z.
34.654 Brent McCormack Dunedin.
34.667 Matt Cooper Upper Hutt.

A Grade Ladies

33.209 Nicole Begg Timaru X-TECH MPC International
35.067 Sam Michael Palm North X-TECH WHEELZ N.Z.
35.326 Tegan Roffe Palmerston North.
35.363 Livia Meier Switzerland X-TECH WHEELZ N.Z.
35.580 Renee Nyman Wanganui
35.892 Stephanie Challis Upper Hutt.
35.937 Emily van der Heyden Timaru X-TECH WHEELZ N.Z.
36.428 Salonme Bader Germany
37.141 Judah Kelly Wanganui
37.169 Haley Ching Palmerston North.

With virtually only Half a second seperating 2nd to 7th in the ladies A grade, its very encouraging that the standard of Competition for Females in New Zealand is Hotting up.

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