MPC Show out at Tour Timaru

Well MPC dominated Matter wheels at the World Championships, the same happened at the Tour of Timaru on the 166.66 meter Bitumen bank track.

16 year old Josh Whyte Kapiti lying 7th overnight, decided to change to MPC after using Matter earlier. Able to cut low through the corners on MPC he came 3rd in the 1,000 pursuit & then in a top performance came 2nd in the A grade men in the 10,000 pts race, noting the fact that he could cut through the corners much more effectively on MPC.

Mens A grade 1,000 Pursuit.

Peter Michael X-TECH MPC International
Antony Nalder X-TECH WHEELZ
Josh Whyte Kapiti
Ollie Jones Upper Hutt.

10,000 meters points

41 Peter Michael X-TECH International
9 Josh Whyte
9 Ollie Jones
5 Antony Nalder
Mark MacDonald X-TECH WHEELZ
Michael Emele Germany
Brett McCormack X-TECH WHEELZ
Dale Christopherson
Matt Cooper
Darren Fletcher

Ladies A Grade 1,000 Pursuit

Nicole Begg X-TECH MPC International
Samantha Michael X-TECH WHEELZ
Emily van den Heyden X-TECH WHEELZ
Tegan Roffe Palmerston North

10,000 Points A grade ladies

41 Nicole Begg X-TECH MPC International
12 Stephanie Challis Upper Hutt
10 Samantha Michael X-TECH WHEELZ
Renee Nyman Wanganui
Livia Meier X-TECH WHEELZ Switzerland
Tegan Roffe Palmerston North.
Emily Van den Heyden X-TECH WHEELZ
Rebecca Smith Wanganui.
Juda Kelly Wanganui.

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