X-TECH Stars make it 4 out of 4

Peter Michael & Nicole Begg continue to dominate the “Tour of Timaru” both winning 4 out of the 4 stages. for a maximum of 80 points.

While they have dominated other X-TECH WHEELZ New Zealand team members have featured & also some caused some upsets over more fancied opposition.
While not having raced competitively for a long time, an unfit Wayne Begg, has managed to score 3 4th placings & is in 5th position. Mark MacDonald gained a very good 3rd in the 5,000 meters & is currently 6th. As expected Antony Nalder is currently in 2nd overall behind Peter. While master skater Brent McCormack has wound back the clock & really mixing it up with the top N.Z. young skaters & is lying midfield in 9th Position.

The Ladies saw a real upset when the X-TECH WHEELZ Junior N.Z. road champ Emily van der Heyden won her 500 meter semi final beating top seniors Samantha Michael,
& Teagan Roffe & N.Z. Intermediate Champion Stephannie Challis, then in the final was 2nd behind Nicole Begg, beating seniors Samantha Michael Palmerston North & Livia Meier Switzerland, as Emily continues to impress with her sprinting ability.

Photo Swiss skater Livia Meier in action in Weinfelden, now racing for X-TECH WHEELZ

Overall after 4 of the 12 stages.


1/ 80 Nicole Begg   X-TECH  MPC International  Timaru

2/ 61 Samantha Michael X-TECH WHEELZ  Palmerston North.

3/ 40 Livia Meier X-TECH WHEELZ  Switzerland

4/ 38 Tegan Roffe Palmerston North

5/ 36 Renee Nyman Wanganui

6/ 34 Stephanie Challis Upper Hutt

7/ 33 Emily van der Heyden X-TECH WHEELZ  Timaru

8/ 11 Salmone Bader  Germany.

9/  6 Jessicca Smith

10/4 Judah Kelly.


1/80 Peter Michael  X-TECH MPC International Palmerston North

2/ 56 Antony Nalder X-TECH WHEELZ  Upper Hutt

3/ 46 Ollie Jones Upper Hutt

4/ 40 Dale Christopherson Nelson

5/ 35 Wayne Begg X-TECH WHEELZ  Timaru

6/ 32 Mark MacDonald  X-TECH WHEELZ Christchurch

7/ 27 Josh Whyte Kapiti.

8/ 16 Michael Emele Germany

9/ 10 Brett McCormack Dunedin

10/ 6 Matt Cooper Upper Hutt

In the B grade Ben McDonald from Bleheim with 80 points has a comfortable lead over Guy McDonald Timaru 58, Mark McCormack Dunedin 51 & Jan Hendrick Kuepper 40 points.

In the C GradeRachael Ellis leads with 58 from Keaton Swindells 54, Leah McDonald 54 & Fin O’Connor 43 Points Coughan Brown, Neve O’Connor & Cailee Autridge are not faR OFF THE LEADERS.

D Grade has seen some of the toughest contests with Ella Bensen & Charlotte Clarke tied on 69 points, after Charlotte crashed in the steeplechase & ended up last, before scurrying to her feet & in a great display of determination ended up 3rd. Mikayla Crozier, Mya Nevin, Stacy Ramsey, Erin Hall, Roshean O’Connor & Charlotte Grant all in contention.

In the E Grade Jamie Atwill on the maximum of 80 points leads from Edin Preston 61 points & Scott Hall 55, with Anya Oconnor 44, Samantha Clarke 27 & Pippa Nevin 14 points.

Tonight the A Grade race a 1,000 pursuit, with time Qualifications first round & top 8 to Quarter & Semi Finals, then 10,000 points race,



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