Rain at Tour of Timaru

Rain problems Recommence Waimate 9.30 am only A grade was 1,000 Qualification where Nicole Begg & Samantha Michael won the heats, Meier Switzerland, Nyman Wanganui, Roffe Palmerston North & Challis Upper Hutt the other 4 for the final.

Only 6 Finals were held between Showers, with D Group leader Charlotte Clarke being unlucky in the 2,000 after crashing, but bravely fought on for 4th.

Finals E Grade

200 meters & 500 meters same result 1/ Jamie Atwill, 2/ Edin Preston, 3/ Scott Hall.

D Grade

200 meters – 1/ Ella Bensen, 2/ Charlotte Clarke, 3/ Mya Nevin

2,000 meters – Mikayla Crozier, 2/ Erin Hall, 3/ Charlotte Grant.

C Grade

200 meters 1/ Rachael Ellis, 2/ Cougan Brown, 3/ Leah McDonald

B Grade

Guy McDonald Timaru, 2/ Mark McCormack Dunedin, 3/ Ben McDonald Blenheim.

Bill Begg

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