With 10 stages gone & one cancelled due to the weather, the last stage today is the N.Z. Marathon Championships.
The trip to Waimate on Saturday was a dissapointment when the rain struck & the convoy Turnt tail & made the 40 minute trip back to Timaru, where fortunately the track was still dry.

With 2 races cancelled from the previous night, 4 races were held yesterday afternoon for the A grade a 1,000 meters, 5,000 meters, flying 500 meters T/T & an 8,000 meters Elimination.
Nicole Begg X-TECH MPC International won all 4, with X-TECH WHEELZ Samantha Michael 2nd in all 4.

In the Mens Peter Michael X-TECH International won the 1,000 & 5,000 meter events, but he overcooked a corner in the flying 500 & the fleet footed Antony Nalder X-TECH WHEELZ won From Peter. With the points lead unnasailable after Much leading Peter took it easy at the end, to save himself for the N.Z. Marathon championships at levels raceway this evening. Another smart & impressive performance saw Josh Whyte Kapiti come out & take the race from Antony Nalder & Ollie Jones Hutt Valley with Mark MacDonald X-TECH WHEELZ 4th.

A great result for X-TECH skaters after winning 19 of the 22 New Zealand Championship Senior & Open titles, they have won 19 of the 20 stages in the “Tour of Timaru”. Peter & Nicole the reigning N.Z. Marathon champions, will start off as favourites today for the event.

With the marathon included in the A Grade points & your worst performance to be dropped, Ollie Jones is in 3rd 1 point ahead of Josh Whyte, while Mark MacDonald on 81 points in 5th place is 3 ahead of Dale Christopherson, so the marathon will decide that outcome.

X-TECH skater Michael 185 & Nalder 151 are clearly in 1st & 2nd position & the marathon result will not change that.

In the ladies its also an X-TECH 1 & 2 result with Begg 200 & Michael 154, but the order below them could easily change, by the time the Marathon is decided & the Worst dropped result.
Renee Nyman Wanganui 100 p[oints, Tegan Roffe Palmerston North 96, Stephanie Challis Hutt Valley 87, Livia Meier Switzerland 86 & Emily van der Heyden X-TECH WHEELZ 83 pts.

Very exciting racing all round & first time in N.Z. for many years a strong ladies field competing.

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