N.Z. Top Women, who will step up?

We have had the road nationals & had all the top N.Z. girls at the tour of Timaru, with the Bank track champs the first week in March & World selections up for grabs,we take a look at the female side of New Zealand speedskating & look at the possibility of Nicole Begg X-TECH MPC International star ever having a team mate to race with at the World Championships. But by Nicoles high standard, she was impressed with the depth of girls & the potential shown at Road Nationals & the Tour of Timaru.

N.Z. Top 6 women Left to right Nicole Begg Timaru Won all senior & Open Titles 1st Tour. Samantha Michael Palmerston North 2nd to Nicole Begg in two opens & 2 senior road races 2nd Tour, Stephanie Challis  Hutt Valley 2nd in Sen / Int points & 2nd in all Intermediate road 6th Tour. Renee Nyman Wanganui Intermediate Road Champion 3rd in Tour. Tegan Roffe Palmerston North got a 2nd & thirds in Senior road 4th Tour. Emily van der Heyden 2 Junior road titles & 2 2nds, 7th in Tour & only Junior to make an impact in the top bracket at the tour with a 2nd & a third.

Above two photo’s showing the extreme positions of Nicole Begg getting full thrust off the line & drive leg about to come through

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