TOUR OF TIMARU result info Sprints

2 Lap T/T 333 meters.
Men A Grade

Photo Peter Michael World Champion Nice & Low through corner

30.681 Peter Michael X-TECH MPC International
31.429 Antony Nalder X-TECH WHEELZ N.Z.
31.692 Dale Christopherson Nelson
32.015 Wayne Begg X-TECH WHEELZ N.Z
32.154 Ollie Jones Hutt Valley
32.615 Josh Whyte Kapiti
33.755 Darren Fletcher Christchurch
33.843 Michael Emele Germany

Top N.Z. Junior Boy 14 year old Ollie Jones Lunges in 2 lap T/T

Womens A Grade

33.209 Nicole Begg X-TECH MPC International
35.067 Samantha Michael X-TECH WHEELZ N.Z.
35.326 Tegan Roffe Palmerston North.
35.563 Livia Meier X-TECH WHEELZ N.Z. Switzerland.
35.580 Renee Nyman Wanganui.
35.892 Stephanie Challis Hutt Valley

35.937 Emily van der Heyden X-TECH WHEELZ  Timaru

36.428 Salome Bader Germany.

1,000 top 8 Qualifiers for Pursuit

1.35.58 Peter Michael
1.39.78 Ollie Jones
1.40.18 Antony Nalder
1.40.92 Josh Whyte
1.43.47 Mark MacDonald X-TECH WHEELZ N.Z.
1.43.69 Wayne Begg
1.43.79 Dale Christopherson
1.45.64 Michael Emele Germany.
Quarter Finals
Michael beat Emele
Whyte Beat MacDonald
Jones beat Christopherson
Nalder beat Begg
Semi Finals
Michael beat Whyte.
Nalder best Jones.
Michael beat Nalder for 1st & 2nd
Whyte beat Jones for 3rd & 4th.

1,000 ladies top 8 Qualifyers for pursuit

1.42.62 Nicole Begg
1.48.14 Samantha Michael
1.53.42 Tegan Roffe
1.53.49 Emily van der Heyden X-TECH WHEELZ
1.53.53 Livia Meier
1.54.01 Renee Nyman.
1.56.04 Stephanie Challis
1.56.49 Salome Bader
Quarter Finals
Begg Beat Bader
Van den Heyden beat Meier
Michael beat Challis
Roffe beat Nyman
Semi Finals
Begg Beat van der Heyden
Michael beat Roffe
Final Begg beat Michael 1st & 2nd
Van der Heyden beat Roffe 3rd & 4th.

Flying ( Lanzada )3 lap 500 T/T.

46.006 Nalder
46.260 Michael
46.687 Whyte
47.928 Jones
47.981 Christopherson
48.315 Begg
48.579 McCormack
49.228 MacDonald

Ladies Flying (Lanzada )3 lap 500 T/T

47.749 Begg
50.332 Michael
51.004 Roffe
51.158 Meier
51.463 van der Heyden
51.631 Nyman
52.707 Bader
53.863 Challis

500 meters men Race
1st Semi Final
Peter Michael
Wayne Begg
Ollie Jones
Mark MacDonald
2nd Semi Final
Antony Nalder
Dale Christofferson
Josh Whyte
Matt Cooper

Final 1st to 4th
1/ Michael, 2/ Nalder 3/ Christofferson 4/ Begg
Final 5th to 8th
5/ Whyte, 6/ MacDonald, 7/ Jones 8/ Cooper
Final 9th to 12th
9/ McCormack, 10/ Emele, 11/ Jared Iria 12/ Ben Squires

Ladies 500 meters
1st Semi Final
Nicole Begg
Livia Meier
Renee Nyman
Salome Bader

Right to left photo Begg, Meier, Nyman & Bader Start 1st Semi 500

2nd Semi Final

Emily van den Heyden
Samantha Michael
Tegan Roffe
Stephanie Challis.

van der Heyden leads Michael, Roffe & Chassis with 1 lap to go 2nd Semi final 500

Final 1st to 4th
1/ Begg, 2/ van den Heyden, 3/ Michael, 4/ Meier.

! lap to go final 500

Final Nicole Finished Emily 2nd Samantha edges out Livia for 3rd.

Run off for 5th to 8th

5/ Tegan Roffe (Red), 6/ Renee Nyman (Bont) 7th Salome Bader (Green) 8th Stef Challis .

Run off from 9th to 12th. first Lap

Chloe Manning 9th (Yellow), Judah Kelly 10th (Red), 11th Haley Ching ( Black Powerslide Dark Helmet ) 12th Dahna Penty (Black N.Z. White Helmet )

1,000 meter race.(ist 3 to final, next 3 to placement)
Heat 1
1/ Michael, 2/ Begg, 3/ Jones 4/ MacDonald 5/ Iraia
Heat 2
1/ Nalder,2/ Christofferson,3/ Whyte,4/ McCormack,Cooper
Final 1st to 6th.
1/ Michael, 2/ Nalder, 3/ Christofferson, 4/ Jones
5/ Whyte, 6/ Begg
Placement 7th to 12th.
7/ MacDonald,8/ McCormack, 9/ Cooper, 10/ Fletcher,
11/ Iraia,12/ Emele.

Ladies 1,000 race
Heat 1
1/ Begg,2/ Meier,3/ Nyman,4/Bader,5/Kelly.6/Manning
heat 2
1/Michael,2/Challis,3/Roffe,4/vanden Heyden,5/Smith,Ching
Final 1st to 6th.
1/ Begg, 2/ Michael, 3/ Nyman,4/ Challis,5/Meier,6/Roffe
Placement 7th to 12th
7/van der Heyden,8/ Bader, 9/ Smith, 10/Manning,
11/ Kelly, 12/ Ching

Hundreds of top Photo’s by Paph Preston on WHEELZ  Blogspot

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