Doping en Guarne 2010: Primeras contramuestras dieron positivo.
24.01.2011: El escándalo se desató en diciembre pasado cuando tres deportistas juveniles colombianos dieron positivos en los controles realizados en Guarne 2010.

Spanish to English translation from Patin Carrera story
24/01/2011: The scandal erupted last December when three Colombian youth athletes tested positive

The Colombian Nicolás Bermúdez had achieved his first world junior title by winning the 500m Sprint in Guarne 2010. Had also won silver in the 300m Time Trial. Photo © Luis Ramírez

The doping is again present in the international skating in 2010 that added several cases such as the Venezuelan Gerardo Galvis in recent Central American and Caribbean Games played in Bogotá that led to the medal away.

Now the focus is on Colombia, the last championship team in 2010 Guarne could suffer a significant loss of medals confirmed cases raised.

Last December, the International Skating Colombianade through the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee confirmed that Carrasco Jog juvenilesJenny patiandores Paola Serrano, Nicolás Bermúdez and Angie Perez tested positive for the stimulant Methylhexanamine in anti-doping controls carried out during the World Championship trimmed.

From this analysis, which generated a huge media scandal in Colombia, where skating is celebrated as one of the most popular sports in the country, began a long process of research and evaluation as a positive control in each case where you have to check in counter sample the accuracy of the initial result.

In the last few hours came the first results for Nicolas Bermudez and as published by the prestigious Colombian newspaper El Tiempo, the Colombian youth again testing positive for it to be taken to remove the medals won in 2010 where he won Guarne the world title in the 500m sprint and a silver medal in the 300m Time Trial.

“Yes, it is confirmed, Nicholas threw out a positive outcome of this substance. At the moment I have no time I can say what he shall suspend the athlete, because recently the WADA (World Anti-Doping Association) changed some substances and Methylhexanamine is in a lower rank, “said Jorge Carrasco, of the Disciplinary Commission of the Colombian Federation of Skating the newspaper El Tiempo.

In the coming days, Bermudez, along with his lawyer present at a final hearing before the Colombian Federation of Skating where he determined his punishment but in these cases generally apply 2 years out of any sporting event.

Regarding Jenny and Angie Paola Serrano Pérez still awaiting the results of the counter sample that would be available next week and to continue the process of investigation.
The Bogota Serrano won four gold and two silver medals in 2010 Guarne while Perez was the winner of the 500m Sprint.

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