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Renewal: Sportal Group promises to transform the Swiss Inline Cup
21.01.2011: The iconic Swiss marathon series had a 2010 to forget. With new management will seek to return to their best times.

Flashback: The Swiss Inline Cup in 2011 will seek to recover its prestige when only a few years ago calling for more than 4500 participants on stage.

2011 will be a year full of changes, renewals and releases for roller skating in the European territory in the quest to take that shot of vitality to the business needs to grow back in its main market.

Born in 1999, the Swiss Inline Cup is the flagship series of marathons of our discipline and knew how to win the heart of major international figures have large events, organizations, individuals and unforgettable landscapes full of adrenaline.

In recent seasons, in part by the economic crisis and partly by equivocal forms of work, the Swiss number plummeted losing prestige, quality and drawing power.

Swiss Inline Cup had a 2010 to forget in what was by far his worst season with only two historic events in Bern and Biel-Bienne and very low levels of call not exceeding 600 participants fitness. The main reason was the failure of Cate e-Motion, the company responsible for operating the rights organization in the hands of Iguana Marketing.

For 2011, Iguana trusted Sportal Marketing Group as the new company responsible for the operation, organization and marketing of the Swiss Inline Cup attempt to recover the lost luster and thus return to the path of the green numbers with a minimum of six events in major cities of the small European country.

Sportal Group plans include a thorough makeover for the series, a competition period between May and September, further integration with the World Inline Cup and a strong focus on fitness and kids events that are the foundation of success for any event mass convening on the streets.

Sportal Group is one of the main groups organizing the Swiss Sports Swiss Beach Soccer League presented by Suzuki and Terra Green Golf Circuit with key marketing contacts that will be reflected in the new season of the Swiss Inline Cup
No official confirmation, the series would have three stages far confirmed on May 1 in Thun, 11 Juio in Sursee and September 10 in Heidiland.

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