We have gone from Famine in 2010 to feast in 2011, what do you go for? confusion reigns, as new revitalized WIC & SIC calenders start to take shape, its a nightmare for top skaters & sponsors, as the World of top end speedskating will come alive in 2011.

With many top events clashing, lets hope they all end up top events so as speedskating & recreation skating are the winners.

Spanish to English translation
21.01.2011: With the support of the European Committee for Stroke (CEC), born this year the European Cup, a new series of track events and road that promises to be a success.

Gross Gerau: The Speedskating Kriterium fulfill its 33rd edition of 15 to 17 April and will be the most important event of the brand new Europa Cup over 1000 participants.

After the fall marathons in recent years the tournament track-and-route some cases began to gain greater prominence on the calendar since they are ideal for brands to showcase their products to elite there considering that in marathons all eyes are on the fitness segment.

Three Ski Trophy contest is perhaps the most experienced at international level but over the years other events in Europe have managed to earn a special place to have a large number of participants and a real international appeal.

During the last European Championships in San Benedetto del Tronto, the European Committee for Stroke (CEC) chaired by the Italian Umberto Urbinati proposed the creation of the Europe Cup 2011 was the first official series in gathering key track events on the continent to promote and development of activities and events add value to already successful.

Four will be the categories that make up the European Cup 2011: Cadet (14-15 years), Junior B (16-17 years), Junior A (18-19) and Senior (over 20) but there will be for children but not score at the continental level but are categories of each particular event.

At each stage there will be two tests and two sprinters and distance runners prubas for the general classification will be considered the six best results of all stages contested.

The inaugural season promises a lot with a full schedule and landing in seven countries already aroused the enthusiasm of many brands and private clubs to set up teams to compete in the Europe Cup

In Bologna (Italy) will start the series on 9 and 10 April with the classical Bononia Fini Sport Trophy continuing from 15 to 17 April in Gross Gerau (Germany) under the classic and renowned Speedskating Kriterium which is expected to surpass the mark 1000 participants in this 33rd edition.

The third stop will be in Heerde (Holland) from April 29 to May 1 with the growing Univé Skate-Off while from 06 to 8 May will stop a ¨ ¨ in Mechelen (Belgium).

The Europa Cup is moving to Switzerland from 13 to 15 May to stop at the imposing THE Drom Inline Weinfelden while a week later, 20 to May 22 will do so in Wörgl (Austria) to complete the first phase season.

In June, Haulerwijk mark the second stage in Dutch field from 17 to 19 with the already successful Weekend Internationale while from 24 to 26 will be operating in Berlin with a new track event where you will begin to define the season.
Hungary to win the limelight with a new event in Tatabanya 2 and July 3 while the closure of the Europa Cup 2011 will be from 12 to 14 August in Ostend (Belgium) Flanders classic Grand Prix.

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