Emily van der Heyden Waimate

Racing at Waimate, Livia Meier X-TECH WHEELZ ( X-TECH Uniform did not arrive in time ) leads Samantha Michael X-TECH WHEELZ & N.Z. Junior road champ Emily van der Heyden. Emily who lives in the small Inland country town of Waimate, half an hour by car south west of Timaru.
Her Father Mike is the Police seargent for the Country district & mother Heather a schoolteacher in Timaru & one of the South Canterbury Rollerskating clubs coaches, when the Begg Family are missing Heather takes over as head coach, but is constantly working with the younger skaters.

Photo shows Emily with maximum arm swing action, a  must for top end straight line road speed & a good example

Brother Andy has been an age group New Zealand Cycling champ & last year rode for N.Z. in the Junior World track cycling champs in Italy. So two very talented youngsters, with the all important full backup parential support.

Andy in Black leads at World Junior cycling Champs Italy 2010


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