Jenny Paola Serrano 4 titles Positive

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04.02.2011: The Colombian youthful figure Jenny Paola Serrano counter sample was positive in the inspection conducted in Guarne. The Bogota had won four junior world titles.

In action: Jenny Paola Serrano was part of the Colombian team that won the gold medal in the 3000m Relay Track with Aura Johana Quintana Nurseries. Photo © Luis Ramírez

Colombian skating remains shrouded in controversy and the doping does not seem to lull the team that was crowned the best in the world in the last World Cup played Guarne CIC in October.
Last week it was confirmed positive for vallecucano Nicolás Bermúdez who happened to availability of the Disciplinary Commission of the Colombian Federation of Skating but strangely yesterday saw him competing in the National III Interclubes Valid started in Cali. Developments are expected over the duration of the sanction to the juvenile coffee had not deserve his first world junior title at the height of Antioquia.

In the final hours leading Colombian newspapers like El Tiempo of Bogota and Medellin El Colombiano counter sample confirmed that the teen star performed at the Jenny Paola Serrano also tested positive and skating again be punished by the press · Coffee ¨.

¨ … the counter sample for the stimulant Methylhexanamine, the young skater, found at a checkpoint in the World Championship held in Guarne (Antioquia), last year, showed positive. ¨ said Jorge Carrasco, President of the Committee on Discipline the Colombian Federation of Skating, the newspaper El Tiempo in Bogota.

In the coming days, the federation cited Nicolas Bermudez and Jenny Paola Serrano where you can make your downloads for discipline and the court discussed the appropriate penalty but at the same time are expected definitions from the FIRS and the ICC since it must respect the rules and sanctions in force by the WADA-the entity that controls and regulates the doping tests around the world.

The medals won by athletes in 2010 should be returned Guarne and other athletes would be affected as well as podiums were obtained in testing equipment and thereby harm others as well.

The Bogota Jenny Paola Serrano was one of the leading figures of Elijah Valley team in 2010 where Guarne won four gold medals, track Elimination 15000m, 20000m elimination route, track and 5000m Relay 3000m Relay Route addition to the silver medal in 1000m track Marathon and 42K.

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