Re Activating the Timaru Club.

Many times when things are not going well, many people take the easy option & just Walk away.
With being involved in Europe in recent years & limited time back in Timaru, we decided to put the time & effort in to reactivate the club & basically start afresh.

With the support of X-TECH & MICRO SPORTS we set up a skate shop. Our outdated 166.66 meter track & flat area in the middle, was cracked & uneven & in serious need of repair, thank god for Inlines as with Quads it would have virtually been unskateable. The Club had $40,000 in Funds & a new 200 meter track set up & $460,000 looked a very difficult task, especially when you only live in a city of $26,000 people.
We carried on at full speed with learn to skate star classes, with up to 80 children in the winter attending, then when at a reasonable level inviting them to join the speed skating training.

With the New age group season starting after the bank track championships in March, we will start with the the skaters in there grades for the next season.

Ella Benson 8, Eden Preston 6, Anya O’Connor 6, Samantha Clarke 5, Pippa Nevin 5, Roshean O’Connor 7, Charli Nevin 7, Stacy Ramsey 8, Emma Miron 8.
(Boys) Scott Hall 5.

Leah McDonald 11, Charlotte Clarke 9, Mikayla Crozier 10, Erin Hall 9, Mya Nevin 10, Charlotte Grant 9, Ayla Preston 10, Neve O’Connor 10, Tyla Smith 11, Jamie Atwill 9.

( Boys) Keaton Swindells 9, Nick Frame 11, Jan Kuepper 10, Cougan Brown 10.

JUNIOR UNDER 15 ( Girls )
Dahna Penty 14, Analiese Le Roy 13, Laura Kuepper 13, Sophie Lowen 12, Emma Oliver 13, Cailee Autridge 23, Racheal Ellis 14, Boudine Brown 12.

( Boys ) Finn Oconnor 12, Guy McDonald 13, Liam Kenter 13

Lisa Kuepper 16, Emily van der Heyden 15, Breigh Sample 15, Temarama Whyatt 15

( Men ) Jonathan Swindells 15

SENIOR OVER 17 ( Ladies )

Mary Kuepper, Nicole Begg
(Men ) Wayne Begg.

Mark Lowen, Michael Clarkson

Its now obvious that the sport now days is very appealing for young women, as apart from 5 people no others were racing 3 years ago.

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