X-TECH Girls Tough Build up Week

Well with plenty of top skaters cycling is a big part of their training, particularly out of the main racing season.
E-TECH MPC International Nicole Begg & X-TECH WHEELZ New Zealand team Samantha Michael, have fitted in 4 bike races this week as well as their skate training.

This is a top cycling area, where many champions come from just today at the latest World Cup Mark Ryan was 3rd in the individual pursuit, Lauren Ellis 2nd in the ladies team pusuit & Shane Archbold overnight leading the mens Omnium. Its an area where you can get 5 road races in a week in the summer. With late Twilights till well after 9pm, so the midweek races start at 7pm, which gives the girls a chance to race. after finishing there skate or offskate training by 6 pm.

On Monday night they went to Waimate for 16 km Handicap race. Both the girls were on tough hanicaps Samantha on 12 1/2 minutes & Nicole 14 mins, Nicole was riding on the back of a Tandum for the first time, they finished 5th & 4th fastest time, but a good experience.

On Wednesday night they done a hard 30 km road skate & back on there bikes 1 hour later for an 18 km race Nicole was 6th in the A grade mens. Samantha was in the B grade, but felt the pinch after the hard 30 km.

On Thursday night Samantha was on the 4 min mark & nicole on Scatch 6 1/2 minutes from go for the 16 km race, Samantha was 21st & 14th fastest at 26 mins 25.
Nicole was 3rd after her & another scatch rider Mark Staniford caught all but one of the front markers, also taking 2nd fastest time in 23 mim 11 sec, the same time as the winner, its the 2nd time this month, that she has almost beat all the men for fastest time.
One of the front markers off 1 1/2 mins was ex N.Z. Champion & world representative skater Schannel Wooding who was 5th, with a time of 28 mins 12 sec, Shannel does bike racing & Triathlons nowdays.

Well Saturday Samantha hit the jackpot in the 47 km Pareora Working mens Club Trophy, with Nicole & the back markers virtually handicaped out of the race, the Front markers with a bunch of about 20 riders fought out the finish, with Samantha winning the sprint by about one & a half bike lengths, The 15 back markers left giving away between 18 to 22 minutes came in together in a sprint for time places, with Nicole 6th in the group sprint.

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