New WIC Season Program

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More changes for the new season of the World Inline Cup
22/01/2011: The professional circuit will begin in April with the T-Track Geisingen with eight stages confirmed so far. “Berlin? still in doubt.

A stunning view, sand-Geisingen ¨ ¨ in Germany Complex, considered by many as the best stage of the World. Photo © Sandy-Geisingen.

The weeks progress and increasingly requires less for the World Inline Cup open a new international season in a slow recovery process where the series promises to rebuild their bases to regain prestige and presence.

In recent days, Iguana Marketing, the company owns the rights to organize WIC confirmed the news on the schedule and rules ahead to 2011.

The series opens its schedule on 9 April in Geisingen (Germany) with the only track event scheduled for the season in the grand arena-Geisingen, a modern unique in the world for its complete infrastructure opened last year.

One of the biggest bets of the circuit is that of Valencia (Spain) where WIC promises a resounding debut in the third largest city in Spain with an event TopClass (25 points at stake for the ranking) at the legendary Circuito Urbano de Valencia, the same formula used in each season. Organizers estimated the presence of more than 5000 skaters through the streets of Valencia.

May 15 will be the turn for the historic Rennes Sur Roulettes, one of the most emblematic of the European continent where more than 6,000 skaters will come to surround the streets galas. 60 points at stake at the second stop calendar 2011 Class 1.

The WIC will go toward the continent · Amarillo ¨ to land at Incheon with a classic of the season on the banks of the Yellow Sea in a massive call fitness contest on May 29.

France will be leading on 12 June with the growing Dijon Roller Marathon (Class 1) while 9 will be the turn of the Czech Republic for the third consecutive year in Ostrava (Class 1), the sports capital of the country par excellence.

On August 28, Poland will seek a foothold in the international skating with the third edition of the Marathon Sierpniowy where more than 1,500 skaters will roll down the calls of Gdansk. Polish stage could be affected by confirming the start date of the CIC in Yeosu World Championship could be advanced to August 26.

In the wake of Suzhou World Inline Cup in the last few seasons ago, China wants to be present on the professional circuit and Haining will host an event that hopes to hold more than 5,000 skaters on 06 October.
In Haining’s eight stages confirmed so far in the World Inline Cup 2011, while the remainder confirm ninth stop on Oct. 10 in Kaohsiung (Taiwan) to close the year and still remain conversacions with the organizers of the Berlin Marathon for BMW Germanic capital that is not left out of the World Inline Cup Tartu (Estonia) and Cologne (Germany) could be other likely basis for the WIC 2011.

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