The N.Z. Bank track Championships in Hastings have been rain effected on the opening day, with only the 300 T/T events & 10,000 points Elimination races held, hopefully the weather can come right for the completion of the races on Sunday. Apart from the weather, the biggest dissappointment has been the lack of senior competitors in the mens events.
X-TECH Stars Nicole Begg X-TECH MPC International, Antony Nalder & Emily van der Heyden X-TECH WHEELZ all won N.Z. titles & Begg & Van der Heyden both claiming N.Z. records, while X-TECH WHEELZ Samantha Michael Senior ladies & Mark MacDonald Intermediate men, were both 2nd in events.

MPC wheels Proved once again to be the best wheels Taking out the new New Zealand records. These top recordbreaking roadwars are available from New Zealand X-TECH agents ( ) WHEELZ the speed skating specialist along with X-TECH “We Set The Pace”

While the numbers may have been down the old Concrete 200 meter track venue of the 1989 World champs still allowed the skaters to break N.Z. records. Those to claim records were

New sprint star Emily van der Heyden From Waimete, member of South Canterbury Skating club in Timaru

Nicole Grigg Christchurch Primary ( under 9 Years ) set a new record in 37.804.
Juda Kelly Wanganui Juvinile ( under 12 years ) new record in 31.840.
Emily van der Heyden Timaru Junior ( under 15 ) new Record in 30.266. 2nd Jessica Van Bentum 30.710, 3rd Diana Gibbs 30.977
Nicole Begg Timaru Senior New New Zealand Record 29.011, Daniela Rosales 29.861, Samantha Michael 31.154.
Josh Whyte Kapiti Intermediate Men ( Under 17 ) New record 27.173, Mark MacDonald 27.721 Michael Emele 28.506
Callum Campbell Hastings masters 29.249, new record, Greg Gurau 30.288, Krystine Davies 31.019

Antony Nalder Hutt Valley won the senior mens in 26.338 From Dale Christopherson in 26.681 & Kierryn Hughes 27.062
Renee Nyman Wanganui Intermediate ladies 30.739 from Stephanie Challis 31.641.
Shane Mihaere Palmerston North the Junior boys in 29.636, Zachery Biggs Juvinile boys 33.553.

In the 10,000 meters open points Elimination.Ladies

31 pts Nicole Begg
13 ” Samantha Michael
2 ” Renee Nyman.
1 ” Stephanie Challis
1 ” Tegan Roffe.


21 pts Ollie Jones
9 ” Antony Nalder
8 ” Mark MacDonald
7 ” Brayden Judd.
1 ” Josh Whyte.

Ollie Jones was outstanding & the 15 year old added the Open 10,000 Points Elimination title to his win in the 10,000 meters indoor track open. at the minumum age he looks destined to make his 1st appearance at the Junior World championships

The other outstanding performance was from the 15 year old Emily van der Heyden who spent two years working on creating a sprint technique, after winning the 200T/T road & 500 sprint titles & just missing the 200 Junior record, finally got her reward taking a 0.864 sec Chunk off the old 2003 record, after 2010 National & Oceania championships where Emily failed to break 33.00 seconds on the Hastings track & being in the bottom end of the field her new record time would have won the Oceania Junior championships, which was won by Renee Nyman in 30.297 sec.
Emily puts herself up as a contendor for Junior Worlds doing half a second quicker than the other contendors.

N.Z. has not had any outstanding Juniors at Worlds since Peter Michael & DJ Nation in 2006, Ollie Jones along with Josh Whyte are showing they could be future stars, While Emily van der Heyden mentored & coached by Nicole & Cheryl Begg, is an exciting talent.


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