World Inline Cup Registrations

Dear Team-Manager/Athlete,

So far we have received quite some registrations from new athletes/teams, but we are still missing some applications of teams/athletes that have been part of the WIC before. In order to clarify possible confusions about the registration and WIC ranking concept as of the new season 2011, we are sending this email to all teams/athletes independent of the status and trust that the clarification the ranking regulations is interesting for all of you. Feel free to forward to somebody else that might be interested.

As in 2010, there is the possibility to drop results from the ranking, but as well there is minimum number of races that you will need to participate in to be included in the end of season World Inline Cup Ranking. Here is the original text of the WIC Rulebook 2011 in Art. 33.1:

“In establishing the end of season World Inline Cup Ranking, the points scored by athletes during 75% of all international schedule WIC marathons shall be considered. An athlete or team who accumulated more than 75% of events rankings will have their worst results not considered. In order to be included in the overall season World Inline Cup Ranking, an athlete or team needs to race in at least 60% of WIC events.”

We would now like to clarify – considering the rnumber of races in 2011 that are fully confirmed as per today and the possibility to still add events to the calendar -, that you will need to participate in minimum 4 (four) races to be included in the Season Ranking and that up to 6 (six) races will be counted. If you want to be sure to collect the maximum number of points, it is of course recommended to race in all events but at least in six of them.

We want to re-iterate as well that another condition to be part of the Season Ranking and to benefit from the distribution of prize money at each of the WIC events is to hold a valid WIC license before the start of the respective race. The WIC license fee for the season is only EUR 50.00 per skater! We have extended the deadline for registrations to 12 April 2011. Please complete your athlete and/or team WIC license application sheet(s) online on the WIC website. Without completing this process you cannot be considered to be a WIC Athlete. We trust you understand that after adapting the fees and making the system much more flexible we need to insist on you strictly following the rules.

Registrations for the races of the WORLD TOUR can be done by filling one simple form on the WIC website:

For any further support you may need for the registration, contact our help desk at Other than that Heinz Schurtenberger (WIC President), Christophe Audoire (WIC Race Director), and Hinnerk Femerling (WIC Chief Excecutive Officer) will be present at the Technical Meeting of the WIC Top Class Race in Valencia to answer any open questions that might still remain.

We are looking forward to seeing you being part of the World Inline Cup 2011!

Kind regards,
your WORLD INLINE CUP Organization

IGUANA Marketing AG
Stettbachstrasse 8
CH- 8600 Dübendorf
Phone +41 44 820 42 80
Fax +41 44 820 42 84

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