N.Z. X-TECH MPC Internationals competing today

Peter Michael will have the first race of his European Campaign in the GIC Frankfurt Marathon on Sunday, after a strong early season preperation in Colombia.

LATEST NEWS – Nicole Begg wins the 10,000 points opening race of Heerde Skate off Holland, up against the full team of Holland Cado Motus ladies on there home track & the Powerslide skaters Thum & Berg.

Drawing the 4th row it was 10 laps before Nicole got to the front of the field, where she created a number of 4 lap breakaways to grab to lots of two points each time, as when racing against a strong team of 6 you needed to be in the open space & not Blocked in. Latetia Le Bihan RPM Poli was 2nd & Elma de Vries Cado Motus Holland 3rd. All 3 were one the MPC Wheels.

Bart Swings Cado Motus completely dominated the mens event & on his favoured MPC wheels.

X-TECH ” We Set The Pace “ once again proves our top package X-TECH MPC & IS, Willie Lo fastest time in world over flying 200 meters, on the package & the same X-TECH package winning long races in Europe. X-TECH brand the name of the future

Nicole Begg will race in Heerde Holland to defend the long distance title she won last year in 2010, in 2009 Nicole had the Long distance sewn up, when two laps from the end she was taken out in a crash. When only her & the two Colombian skaters Martinez & Baena were left in the front with her & had an unassailable lead, but the serious Ankle Injury & resulting blood clot, prevented her from finishing & lost all her points.

So Along with X-TECH WHEELZ N.Z. skater Samantha Michael they will race Europes best & a large number of Top Colombian skaters.

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