Euro Cup Mechelen

The European cup in Mechelen Belguim proves a big dissapointment for the X-TECH skaters.!/photo.php?fbid=114061228677410&set=at.114056155344584.27116.104952376254962.559322813&type=1&theater

Nicole Begg was 2nd Equal for the long events in Senior ladies & Samantha Michael 3rd in the under 19 ladies distance, in an event of many changes.

After winning the 10,000 points & 10,000 Elimination in Heerde the week before, Nicole was looking forward to 2 more 10,000 meter races on the programme, going out of there way at great expence, they were totally dissapointed, as having to compete in the 300 T/T & 500 meters
to be able to feature in the overall, they expected the long 10 km events would even out there chances.

To have the 10,000 Elimination changed to 5,000 & then linning up the next day for a 10,000 meters, 20 minutes earlier than listed, then finding 25 laps on the lap counter instead of 50, is totally unprofessional & only makes the unfit smile.

Samantha found herself in a race, where the distance was shortened midway through by 10 laps, when time or conditions were not an Issue.

So the Europeans flagship, with 10 races in 8 different countries sounded great. Wanting to lift the European standard, but not allowing non European skaters to feature in the overalls. Therefore not being able to win any of the overall prize money.

Apparently its rumoured some more forward thinking federations like Germany & Switzerland want overseas skaters included, then you might have decent opposition to skate against at least.

If the Mechelen standard of events reoccurr, the Euro cup will lose credibility real quick, top skaters do not travel around the world to see a circus & some make shift relays & see major rule & distance changes happen mid race.

Nicole Ladies & Samantha under 19 were both 2nd in there shotened Elimination races, but event put on the dont go out of your way to race it status.

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