N.Z. Indoor & Road Champs Timaru 1 to 7th January 2012

Its now official first time ever N.Z. Indoor & Road champs have been held further South than Christchurch. Since the Formation of the N.Z.Federation of Roller skating in 1970, when the two skating associations in New Zealand Combined & historic for Timaru & the South Canterbury Rollerskating Club. The Club won 3 of the 10 road titles. Bill Begg 1,000 senior mens, Allan O’Connor 1,500 Junior Boys & Norma Lyttleton the 1,500 Intermediate ladies, with 2nd in the other two road races 5,000 & 20,000 meters, as well as 3rd in the 800 & 5,000 meters track events, Bill Begg was the first overall senior mens champion.

1st to 7th January 2012

South Canterbury club Members have had a proud history, with other prominent families, the Gabites, Woodings & Millars providing World team members & N.Z. Champions.

The new younger members now will have a grand opportunity to gain valuable experience, on home ground, you can expect very strong representation in numbers of South Canterbury Females in the Primary under 9 years, Juvinile under 12 years & Junior under 15 years grades, while the numbers wont be Big, but Emily van der Heyden Intermediate under 17 & Nicole Begg & Samantha Michael Senior, will be tough opponents for the opposition.


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