Action In Singapore

The X-TECH Representative in Singapore is the Hvper group Headed by the Chua Family, Eddie has steped into the contentious position of running the Federation, which in the past, has not steped up to expectations on & off the field.

But under the leadership of Eddie Chua things are moving in the right direction, with lots of activities in the schools & colleges.

It is pleasing to see some top skaters changing over to try speedskating. 3 times World slalom sliding champion Rebecca Chew & 2 time mens Jireh Goh are showing impressive form on the skates & will both be contendors for the Singapore team for South East Asian Games in Indonesia late in the year.

Junior Ryan Chew is another Slalom skater trying out, Ryan & other youngsters may look towards Oceania or Asian Junior Championships.

June Liang 22 has been a long term speedskater who has also joined the Short track Ice programme, has improved his ability to sit nice & low & get the float Glide off his skates, June one of the favourites to make the team.

Daniel Cew Wee the experienced Singapore skater who has represented his country Internationally for for Inline Speed skating, Ice Hockey & Inline Hockey. Has taken responsibility to coach & lead the speed group, while Florida Lew is working on the administration side.
Terrance Chew, Bertrand Chew & Willis Sim are also contendors, I had a chance to view this morning.
Emily Kwek is a Hockey player attempting to cross over into speed also. While A promising looking prospect for sprints Kenneth Russell could come good in the future.

Lets hope some Pics are forthcomming, so we can report on the Singapore action, as skating takes on a newer organized look with developement.

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