Mitterheim German Inline Cup will see a strong representation of X-TECH affiliated teams, with the X-TECH MPC International star Peter Michael from N.Z. leading the challenge.
The team Craft – X-TECH with Toni Deubner, Patrick Taubrecht, Michael Puderbach & Oliver Engel have been in good form recently with Taubrecht winning a European Masters Marathon Title & ( fast Toni ) Duebner 3rd in a recent German marathon & should also be in contention in the event.
Bussman Racing Team Idee Print X-TECH are sure to be there with Martin Thaler, Elio & Giacomo Cuncu & Andre Willie, the Cuncu brothers dangerous in a sprint finish. With the Powerslide International men Big Guns all in Incheon, the Swiss team of breakaway experts Schneider, Iten, Widmer, Acherman & Shaclk, are likely is looking forward to the next 3 marathons to be the hardest to contain. The Bont tean poses a challenge with Reyon Kay 2nd in the World 2009 Marathon & if a sprint Najib Tobon is one of the best in the business, but Peter Michael is looking forward to the next 3 marathons & the 4 times junior World Champion, has the abilty to feel comfortable, no matter what the race.

Peter Michieal, Elio Cunco & Toni Duebner 1st, 2nd & 3rd Haining Marathon 2000

In Incheon Korea Nicole Begg will be favoured to extend her lead in the Overall WIC event, Nicole X-TECH MPC & Samantha Michael X-TECH WHEELZ will both be racing, with the Prarlizumi Korean team of Kim Han Na, Im Ju-Hee, Lee Young-hoon, & Kim Tae Wook looking a very solid team, which are expected to do well. The Idee Print EO team from Europe has Renata Karabova, Jackobine Wolf, Sina Walder & the improving Frenchwomen Mellisa Chouleysko, it will be interesting to see how they compare against the top Korean ladies. It will be interesting if Gau Dan the top Chinese skater competes, one of the Worlds strongest distance skaters, she is capable of dealing with the best.

X-TECH KOREA will be represented by Nam yoo Jong & Kim min ho from Anyong, these will be two of Korea’s strongest skaters to Challene the strong Powerslide team of Yann Guyader, Kalon Dobbin, Felix Reijen & Scott Arlidge, as well as the Simmons stars Joey Mantia USA & Yeng Song Quing Chinese Taipei, who in 2009 in Haining won both the senior & Junior World marathon championships.

The cource the same as the previous few years has some road work areas to negociate, the Bus will leave at 3 pm in half an hour, to give competitors a view of the cource.

The new WIC boss Himmerick has just arrived for his innaugeral visit to Incheon.

Nicole Begg in full flight on new Super purple X-TECH Boots, a prime contendor for WIC Incheon event.

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