Nicole Begg & Samantha Michael with X-TECH WHEELZ teamates & N.Z. Junior Oceania representatives Emily van der Heyden, Dahna Penty & Annialese Le Roy from the South Canterbury Roller skating Club based in Timaru New Zealand.

Begg ensures race breaks up to quarantee a good 4th finish to maintain & extend her WIC lead, fellow X-TECH WHEELZ skater Samantha Michael New Zealand finished 17th in the middle of the main Bunch, her string of consistant finishes see her move up to 5th overall in the World Inline Cup standings.

Well nice weather & nice races, to see both in the mens & ladies before the half way mark established breakaways of 4 strong skaters, who after the first lap loop around had a 1 minute gap on there opponents as the climed the top of the hell to head back down the cource, at the end of the race both breakaways were to succeed & take out the first 4 placings.In the end Joey Mantia USA & Yann Guyader France got clear to win the 38 km race in 54.50, Scott Arlidge New Zealand beat off Huyn Seung Bong Korea to cross 3rd in 55.23, 4 other skaters came in in pairs before Kalon Dobbin lead in the bunch for 9th in 1 hour 00.47, Martin Dias from Portugal was 11th.

In the ladies event There was a very strong Chinese group who have been training in Korea, Gau Dan China the very strong & fast skater, plus the Two Chinese Juniors 1st & 2nd in the Junior worlds marathon in 2009, plus the Korean Junior World Champion & a very fast & strong group of opponents. Nicole Begg did not fancy comming into the end of the race, facing a big bunch of Koreans, not knowing who was who or what alliances were formed & the only one to really chase them down, as far as Nicole was concerned it had to be a breakaway.

After several attempts to break away, finally 4 others went with her, but one dropped off the group, after working hard to ensure the break, Nicole struggled to keep in the breakaway at times, but the break group of 4 caught back up to the mens main bunch who had started 5 mins behind & gone ahead only to be caught back up & go ahead of them. Gau Dan China won in 1 .04.11 from the Korean pair Jung Su Ji & Lee Seul, with a tired Nicole Begg nable to put together a final sprint, but happy with her effort & extend her lead in the WIC., Kim Mi Young korea won the bunch sprint in 1.06.44, 2 mins 33 behind the break..

Unofficial Overalls after Incheon.


206 Guyader, France
180 Mantia, USA
179 Widmer, Switzerland
175 Iten, Switzerland
156 Dias, Portugal
144 Arlidge, New Zealand
134 Schneider, Switzerland
132 Bong, Korea
131 Acherman, Switzerland
116 Beddiaf , France


312 Nicole Begg, X-TECH MPC International New Zealand
201 Chouleysko, France
200 Karabova, Slovakia
180 Gau Dan, China
160 Michael, X-TECH WHEELZ New Zealand
156 Jung Su Ji. Korea
150 Turchiarelli, Italy
144 Lee Seul, Korea
120 Sara Bak, Denmark
120 Kim Mi Young, Korea.

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