Great Weeks Training.

As South Eastern Asian countries get serious about speed skating, with government money going into ensuring their teams are in top shape, Indonesia have there skaters in a 9 month camp, Skaters at Hotel Feed & paid a monthly Salary. The entire Indonesian Squad are likely to head to Namwom Korea for the competition 21st to 28th June.

This week the squad has been introduced to extra Technical work, ATP Sprints, Tabata’s 200 meters sessions & 500 meter Intervals, plus a distance incorperating catch a LAP.

After a relatively flat ride & 3 1/2 hours with 3 of it up & half hour down, we tackle a 140 km ride tomorrow with 35 km of serious hills.

Everything here points to another Colombia in the making, it can happen, but will it happen, well off to a positive start, but only time will tell.
Ajeng does the body weight transfer Demo, for thew group

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