Nicole Begg X-TECH MPC International opened up a break in the 2nd of the 19 laps & continued to attack, but anyone going with her would not come through to keep the break going.

She was away solo for 1 lap midway through & when the bunch caught her, the German World champion Mareike Thum attacked & no one else chased, so Nicole had to chase her down for a lap to catch her, the top French girl Latetia Le Bihan refused to come through for a lap.

Finally Nicole made the winning break 13 to 14 km from the finish & went away to win Solo in 1 hr.17 mins 13.853 sec, then a bunch of 8 sprinted in with the Suprise 2nd & 3rd
Justine & Clemence Halbout 2nd & 3rd , with 2nd 1 hr.18 mins 54.052 sec. with the 1 min 40 sec Victory Nicole had time to return to the finish, do her Interview & watch the bunch sprint for 2nd. The German Thum who has a powerfull sprint & the main reason Nicole attacked was 4th & the top Frenchwomen Latetia Le Bihan was 5th. 6th place was Melissa Chouleysko France who is closest to her in the WIC overall, but Nicole now has a very big lead in her main goal event for 2011 to win the WIC.

In a tough race Samantha Michael finished 13th, but the first or 2nd Junior skater & her consistant performances, see her placed 4th overall in the WIC.

1/ 372 Begg X-TECH MPC International N.Z.
2/ 233 Chouleysko France
3/ 200 Karabova Slovakia
4/ 172 Michael X-TECH WHEELZ N.Z.
5/ 150 Turchiarelli Italy
6/ 120 Bak Denmark.
7/ 105 Wolf Germany.
8/ 60 Baena Colombia.
9/ 40 Thum Germany.
10/ 32 Walder Switzerland.

The Mens race saw a 9 man breakaway early on with last year winner Scott Arlidge in it, with a few laps to go Bart Swings Belguim & Yann Guyader france broke away & opened up a 1min 33 sec gap, Swings won from Guyader & Arlidge won the breakaway bunch sprint for 3rd. 42 sec later Peter Michael X-TECH MPC sprinted the main bunch in for 10th place ahead of Ewen Fernandez France. Peter racing solo was in the earlier one, but missed the Vital break that counted, but a good effort to sprint in the main group.

Mens Overall

1/ 256 Guyader France
2/ 210 Iten Switzerland
3/ 189 Arlidge N.Z.
4/ 187 Widmer Switzerland
5/ 180 Mantia USA

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