OSTRAVA, 18 June 2011: Nicole Begg (NZL) and Severin Widmer (SUI) have reached a victory in the main WIC races of Ostrava in-line skating festival under the cloudy sky with more than 1500 participants during Friday‘s evening free ride and Saturday´s race program with crowds of spectators.

In women´s race on 33 km track it has been a battle of three leading ladies of WIC ranking, Nicole Begg, Melissa Chouleysko (FRA) and Renata Karabova (SVK), against Czech representative in short track Kateřina Novotná (6th at Olympics Games in Torino and European Champion 2010). They left the rest of racers at 2nd of 11 laps and presented a tactical racing. The strongest looked Begg and Novotná, they left behind Karabová at 3rd lap and Chouleysko at 7th lap.

More successful has been Begg, she decided about her victory at the strong finish. „I know about the quality of Kateřina, that is why I was not too active – I belive in my sprint,“ stated Nicole Begg.

„I´m very satisfied with 2nd place, it has been a nice race and good practise for my ice skating. I beat second and third best racers at WIC ranking, it´s a good result. But I woud prefer more active racing from the side of my competitors,“ said Kateřina Novotná.

Men´s WIC race on the same 33 km attractive track on the Main street of Ostrava-Poruba has resulted to a great triumph of the strong Swiss-Skate-Team. Swiss skaters led the 111 racers from the start. At 4th lap the strong group of 14 racers started turbo speed, and at 5th lap Achermann decided for break away. He forged lead for 20 seconds before the group with Santamaria, Iten, Acosta, Bastidas, Dias, Michael, Widmer, Ulreich, Moreno, Marreiros and Czechs Krupka, Suchý and Adam Adlt, and when he was hunted down, his teammate Widmer attacked strongly. His lead was 30 seconds at 9th lap and 45 in 10th lap.

Widmer has celebrated his solo victory while other racers had to fight strongly at finish. „Our team controlled the whole race, it was very tactical from our side. I have reached my 4th victory in WIC series, I´m very satisfied,“ said the winner.

Second finished Peter Michael (NZL), third Nicolas Iten (SUI). „I have had no chance to do more without support of team, I´m satisfied. The track in Ostrava is very nice and good for my finish,“ stated the second man of the race.

Results WIC Ostrava


1. Nicole Begg (X-tech MPC-International, NZL) 1:01:26,145
2. Kateřina Novotná (KSB Benátky, CZE) 1:01:26,744
3. Melissa Chouleysko (IDEE print-EUSKATES) 1:01:40,033


1. Severin Widmer (Swiss-Skate-Team, SUI) 51:49,248
2. Peter Michael (X-tech PMC-International, NZL) 52:40,581
3. Nicolas Iten (Swiss-Skate-Team, SUI) 52:40,771

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