You can follow live on GPS 7am Swiss Time, 5pm New Zealand time & 1 pm Singapore time.


After the first day & 33 km Inlineskate stage for the Swiss Gigathlon teams of 5 Nicole Begg X-TECH MPC International

Orthopadie St. Gallen & Christoph Luginbuhl recorded the same time of 50 mins 40 sec, at an average speed of 39.1 km per hour. They finished 2 mins 24 sec ahead of Pascal Sieber, 3rd time, who lead in a group of 11.

The only faster time was done in another section for Pairs, where last year fastest & currently 7th in the mens WIC Michi Achermann recorded 50.02 sec.

Nicoles time shows how outdated some of the road distance World records are.

30 km World record 52 mins 38.640 sec Nicole yesterday 33 km 50 mins 40 sec.

40 km World Record 1 hr. 18.01 sec that would leave Nicole with 27 minutes to do 7 km more, when over the 33 km she averaged about 1 min 30.5 sec per km, which means she would nearly have 4 min per km to break the time.

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