Malaysia comes alive with ISA.

The Malaysian ISA Course with Bill Begg center & Malaysian Roller Sports President Idroose Tambarin on his left & Course Organizor Cheng Chee Siang on the right. with Singapore president Eddie Chua in White, his Wife Shirlet Tay & the cource conductor Kingsley Chan att present.

South East Asia has been neglected for many years as a competitive skating region, I was involved in Indonesia a sleeping giant of speedskating back in 1995.

With the SEA games including speedskating for the first time, there is added interest in speedskating for the SEA games to be held in Palembang Indonesia starting on the 11th November.

Eddie Chua the new Singapore President of Roller sports & Cars member along with Andrew So & Bill Begg formes the International skating academy to create creditable Coaching certification in countries devoid of quality coaching expertise, so far with Courses in Singapore, Indonesia & Malaysia, 16 Singapore, 16, Malaysia & 25 Indonesia, have been through the ISA Instuctors course & accreditation, to cater for the learners, in the hope of directing them into the specialy branches of Speed & Slalom etc.

There is much interest in the Level 2 sports specific courses where the speed is almost complete & the Slalom to follow. These are programmes with straight out information and pictures, with inside information, to make top level coaching easier.

There has been a lot of Interest & excitement as for the first time in the region speed skating has something at stake, with Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand & Borneo speed skaters all chasing speed glory for themselves & their nations.

Malaysian Roller Sports President Idroose Tambarin along with Eddie Chua is keen to see the SEA region hold annual championships, for speed & Slalom this can easily commence right away. Indonesian President Mr Wimbo Hardjito is also keen to see the sports profile become higher.

Oceania region needs Indonesia & South east Asia strong, to have good competition for the region, as Europe is very expensive & a long way away, with Malaysia an Airline hub for some low price airlines, the possibilities for the future look bright.

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2 Responses to Malaysia comes alive with ISA.

  1. NikSk8 says:

    Congratulations!!!! Finally, a good start!!!!!!

    • X-tech says:

      Yes some rwal enthusiasm & committement & a good 400 meter track in Kajang Stadium & a dozen pick up on the instuctors course & the Federation president Idroose Tambarin taking an active interest in the ISA course & speed Coaching, a preliminary date following the Hain ing WIC event of 8th & 9th October or the15th & 16th October, as a warm up for the SEA games looks a good opportunity for South East Asian Skaters & some overseas stars.

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