Nice Dinner Company Indonesia

Ajeng Left, Bill & Denta two of the lovely Indonesian world team members, sure to add some flavour, to the championships, with Administrator Rirri after a recent meet the skaters dinner.

The Indonesian sports body & Federation had advised that a team of 7 men & 7 women be selected for the World championships to be held in Yosu Korea from the 30th August through to the 5th September, the track Championships will be the 30th & 31st Agust with the final track day the 1st September, the rest day will be the 2nd September with the road the 3rd,4th & 5th September.

The team will feature there star skater Ajeng Prasalita the 21 year old women from Semarang Java, who proved at Namwon, she could take on some of the top World women. The experienced Allan Chandra also from Semarang will head the mens team, although the seniors were comprehensively beaten by around half a second in the 300 T/T by the Junior 18 year old Stevanus Wihardja from Riau Samartra, Stevanus at the high profile Namwon meet, was first accross the line in the highly competitive Junior boys road 500 meters, only to be DQ for passing two top Korean skaters comming out of the final bend, the fact he was close enough to do that, shows he has the potential to be competitive at this level.

For outright fitness on the Sports council beep test Protocol Oki Andrianto the 19 year old from Jambi Samartra was tops with 13.6,Steavanus Wihardja 13.5 while Arif Rachmann 25 from Semarang Java recorded 13.3, Arif not considered a favourite for SEA games selection 3 months earlier has made major technical improvements & now is a very consistant top end performer during SEA squad training & on skate tests, such is his improvement, he made the 4 senior men to contest the 2011 World champs later in the month.
For the ladies Ajeng Prasalita was top lady with 10.7, Malati Anindya 20 from Jogjakarta Java achieved 10.6 & Sylvia 21 from Riau Samatra a 10.5 rating, unfortunately Malati just missed the World selection, but rmains a leading candidate for SEA games selection.

The team comes from the 3 main Islands, with Java 8, Samartra 4 & Borneo 2. comming from the following areas Semarang has the most 4, with Riau 3, Surabaya 2, Bandung 2, Lalimantan 2 & Jambi 1.

The Following is the selected team breakdown, for 2011 Worlds subject to final approval.
Allan Chandra age 24 Semarang Java.
Arif Rachmann age 25 Sembrang Java.
Johanes Wihardja age 21 Riau Samartra.
Evan Christian age 21 Kalimantan Borneo.
Ajeng Prasalita age 21 Semarang Java.
Sylvia age 21 Riau Samartra.
Latifa Hikmawati age 22 Kalimantan Borneo.
Anggi Rahmadini age 23 Bandung Java.
Oky Andrianto age 19 Jambi Samartra.
Steavanus Wihardja age 18 Riau Samartra.
Zarki Posa age 19 Surabaya Java.
Della Silviana age 17 Surabaya Java
Sheilla Mafitra Dewi age 16 Bandung Java.
Denta Kiranasari age 17 Semarang Java.

So are trusting that all the world team squad will be approved in what will be Indonesias biggest assult on the World championships, with both Male & Female Junior & Senior teams.

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