Translated article from PatinCarrera, Nicole Begg & Peter Michael both at World championships in Korea will both miss the event. Begg with a comfortable lead, although missing the event, is still well placed to win the overall.


With many absences in Poland back the action of the World Inline Cup
23.08.2011: The professional marathon circuit in the ring again next Sunday in Gdansk sixth stage of a lackluster season.

Severin Widmer Federer was the last winner of the Marathon Sierpniowy in Gdansk in a day where rain played a leading role in the Polish coast. Photo © Marathon Sierpniowy

In a few days, the FIRS World Inline Cup will be active after two months off from the last stage played in the Czech city of Ostrava on 18 June.
Undoubtedly, the 2011 is one of the worst years for the professional circuit with a series that only have 7 stages Class 1 -4 of them – and the lowest level of teams in its history.

Still, the series continues in force and is a topic of everyday conversation among sports fans who dream to see those massive series of successful and a little less than a decade ago.

Poland, one of the growing markets for our business, will be star of the World Inline Cuo for the second year in a row and Gdansk are preparing to welcome over 1000 participants in fitness in the third edition of the already established Sierpniowy Marathon.

Unlike 2010, where many figures terrain traveled to Poland, the simultaneity of dates with the ICC in Yeosu World Championship, will complicate the desired objectives of the local organizers. Yann Guyader French and Kiwi Nicole Begg and Peter Michael will be among those absent with notice in Gdansk.

Another notable change that the event will be their new tour in the heart of the historic and picturesque Gdansk, Poland northern city located on the shores of the Baltic Sea and a merger in Europe unique architectural heritage of the different historical events that crossed the region. A new scenario of 8.4 km per lap was designed for this edition seeks to provide a show focused on the area of ​​greatest volume of viewers and leaving the previous tour of 21 km per lap.

The Swiss Severin Widmer (Swiss Skate) will defend his title won last year but will now have to work so that his teammate Nicolas Iten can add important points to hold in the top of the ranking of the World Inline Cup Among the ladies , Germany’s Sabine Berg will also be absent this time leaving room for a third new winner in Gdansk after the victory Tamara Llorens of Argentina in 2009.

With five stages contested, Nicole Begg (X-Tech MPC) comfortably leads the overall ranking of the series with 432 units while fighting back is closed for second place between the French Melissa Chouleysko (IDEEprint EOSkate, 275 Pts) and the Slovak Renata Karabova (IDEEprint EOSkates, 240 Pts).

In males, who leads the Swiss Nicolas Iten (Swiss Skate, 260 Pts) but is stalked by the French Yann Guyader (Powerslide Matter, 256 Pts) and his partner Severin Widmer (247 Pts).


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