Indonesia results missing

Hi All,

Well those Indonesian Fans, we cant give you too many results, as we have been left off the place results in 3 or 4 events & only just got the mens & boys track 300 T/T results sorted. Arriving late they got the numbers mixed, but the referees & officials should of sorted it out, First off when they checked them in, so a letter of protest requesting this situation be rectified has gone in.

After arriving only 3 hours before the event after a 5 hour bus trip. With 24 hours travel prior to that & no practice on the Track, Allan & Johanus beat both the Japanese, the two South Africans, the two Norway skaters, the two Pakistan, Allan the two Indians & Johanus one, Plus Singapore, Dominica & Great Britian, so certainly held there own against the weaker Nations.

In the Junior Men Steavus Beat 2 Japanese, 2 Pakistan, 2 Australians, 1 Indian, 1 Ecuador, 1 South African, the one New Zealander & 1 Italian, so under the circumstances, a reasonable effort.

The Females have stuggled in the sprints, but considering there is no bank track to train on, and we do not have a real female sprinter here its understandable, so we now look forward to the road.


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